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“This is excellent. May Allah reward you.” (Dr. Shabir Ally, debater/speaker/scholar on Islam and Christianity and president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto, Canada. In an email exchange dated June.5.2011)

Anwaar’s point is convincingly right! Jesus, it is obvious, was not a Trinitarian, and it is shocking to discover that his claimed followers do not in fact follow his view of God.
Christians should be urged to affirm the creed which Jesus affirmed. I have documented your good point in two full length books: The Doctrine of the Trinity, Christianity’s Self-Inflicted Wound and Jesus was not a Trinitarian (both at Amazon).
Anthony Buzzard” (Prof. Emeritus (Dr.) Sir Anthony Buzzard)

“I have visited your website and I must say it is impressive. I envy your passion and courage in spreading the words of Islam… Mabruk!!!” (Mr. Mazlan Yusof, Lecturer at the Department of English and the Department of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia)

“An extremely well researched article and your arguments were well constructed. i was overwhelmed by the scientific facts used to substantiate your arguments. Masha Allah.” (Tridax, December.17.2007 on  Camel Urine?)

“Yours was an excellent response ya ibn anwar.”                   (Hadif, December.12.2008 on Camel Urine?)

“Superb well written article. Welcome back …”(Tridax, October.9.2008 on Where Did Jesus Claim Worship Me or I Am God?)

“My name is Halim Naeem. I would like to know your email and converse with you about some topics in religion that I am trying to address. I’m a doctoral student in Psychology. I am writing my dissertation on Personality and Religion. I read your article and I am an instant fan of yours! It is very refreshing to see sopshisticated arguements and assertions backed by kniowledge about religion.” (Haleem Naeem, January 14, 2009 on Was Hagar Abraham’s Wife According to the Bible? )

“Thank you so much!!! May Allah grant your paradise for your hard work! This is exactly what I needed!” (Alia, April.17.2004 on Salvation Only Comes Through Sacrifice! )

“keep on rockin bro!!!” (ar.m, April.13.2009 on The Anonymous Four Gospels)

“whatever the fact is that i dnt have that much time to write the whole issue. Instead i am giving a link where an Islam Scholar Ibn Anwar refuter this so called claim on the face of an Israeli christian evangelicals. Here the mail dialogue copy is also posted which that pgan Israeli evangelicals tried to bring.
….enjoy http://unveiling-christianity.com :).” (Salman at Topix Forum)

Another well written and documented essay which is clearly the truth. May Allah bless you for your efforts in educating others about the truth. Keep it up! (DebatingChristianity April.12.2009 on Did Paul Really Meet Jesus? )

وفي هذا الاطار قام أخ كريم بارسال رابط لمدونة أكثر من رائعة خصصها لفضح أباطيل التنصير ومزاعمه الدينية التي يروج لها

اسم المدونة الجديدة: كشف النقاب عن النصرانية

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Unveiling-Christianity thanks all the visitors (Muslim or otherwise) especially those who took a little bit of their precious time to contribute their own thoughts and feedback on the published articles. Thank you for both the positive and negative responses. We appreciate what you have to say and hope that you continue to visit the site and share it with your friends and colleagues.


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