Israel Hoodwinks the World

Israel Hoodwinks the World


It would be of no surprise to tell you of the harsh conditions imposed on the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation. With the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians since the illegal occupation of Palestine in 1948, the Israeli regime has now adopted a non-discriminatory brutality against anyone in support of Palestinian rights. Whether gunning down rock throwing children, or bulldozing Palestinian homes, Sharon’s military will not discriminate anyone opposing his objective. This is the story of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist murdered when she was bulldozed to death by an Israeli tank in the Gaza strip last month. This and thousands of stories like this simmer in the hearts of Palestinians, while the U.S. quietly sits by shuffling our tax dollars to support this aggression. Do diplomatic ties supersede the rights of American citizens?

Christian Evangelical Mission in Iraq

by Ibn Anwar

The following is a report on the Evangelical mission of Christians in Iraq – indeed a true reflection of what most missionaries are doing all over the world.

These guttersnipes try to lure and deceive Muslims by pretending to be Muslims themselves. Of course, they are merely projecting the teachings of their supreme master Paul of Tarsus :

Apostasy and Killing in Christianity

Apostasy and Killing in Christianity 

by Ibn Anwar

“Islam is evil and oppressive! It commands its followers to execute those who abandon the religion and reject it! The God of Islam must be Satan!” This kind of rhetorics are commonly shouted in Christian Evangelical camps. Prophet of in its SHAMELESS article “Mein Kampf” makes the claim,”Islam was the first religion to command its faithful to murder and deceive.”

Study Regarding the “Injeel”

by Abu-Usaama 

A claim that many radical christians make in their endless endeavors to convert Muslims to christianity is that the Qur’an affirms the books that are in their possession, namely, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The purpose of this article is to show the falsehood of their claim that the New Testament in particular is endorsed by the Qur’an and also to clarify what the Injeel is and isn’t.

Jesus’ children? Caution : You must be 18 and above to read this!

by Ibn Anwar

Christian missionaries often try to make themselves seem more superior in piety than others,”These people(Muslims) are terrorists, sexual perverts, paedophiles blah blah blah. We are nice, we are kind, we are loving and we are compassionate. God is love. We are are one with God and we are LOVE!” But are they really? The following news about a Reverend/Pastor reminds me of a play I studied in my Drama Class called “Tartuffe”. It’s written by Moliere, the famous French playwright. The play, set in France is basically about an outwardly pious Christian who has great influence over the head of a household. The character, however, is actually perversely hypocritical, evil and deceitful. Such themes i.e. hypocrisy of the highest order seem to be ever prevalent in the real Christian world or shall I say Christian religious institutions?

Firstly, an excerpt from a press statement given by Thorington Road Baptist Church on the incident :

“The family, leadership, and staff of Thorington Road Baptist Church are saddened and grief stricken by the sudden death of our Pastor, Gary Aldridge….Brother Gary was the pastor of Thorington Road Baptist Church for sixteen years beginning in 1991 and was instrumental in leading our church to grow spiritually, physically, and numerically over his long tenure. Our Creator filled Bro. Gary with a zeal for life and ministry. He passionately pursued God daily as he walked through his days loving his wife, his church and the Great Commission of our faith.

The Bible and Science

A small sampling of some clear scientific fallacies in the Bible

by Ibn Anwar

Muslims since a few decades ago have included “scientific information” in the Qur’an as part of ulum Al-Qur’an(sciences of the Qur’an) under i’jaz al-Qur’an or the miracle of the Qur’an as evidence that the Qur’an is not man-made. Likewise, Christians, though, rather more recently have attempted to use the same approach in proving their Bibles’ validity. “The Bible is not a science book, yet it is scientifically accurate. We are not aware of any scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible.” This is what is claimed on . Two points can be adduced from the quotation; 1. The Bible is scientifically accurate , 2. The website does not know any scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible . Let us put these two points to the test shall we?

Sites inspired by Satan

 Ranking of some of the most ruthless websites against Islam on the net

Number one on my list would be  with Sam Shamoun as its ring-leader and by Craig Winn. They are co-conspirators in their quest or devilish struggle(syaitaniyyah jihad) against Islam. These two are perhaps the biggest, most influential online Christian evangelists around. Their websites are flooded with misinformation and misrepresentations of Islam and Muslims. They contain gross errors and fantastic absurdities that fortunately have been scrutinised and analysed by many scholarly Muslims and Islamic websites.