Will the saints in Matthew please stand up!

Miraculous historical incident or fairy tale?

by ibn Anwar

  The following story is a short narrative of an incident which allegedly occured after the alleged death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion. How credible is it to the eye of scrutiny? We shall see.

“The tombs were opened, and the bodies of many holy people who had died came back to life.They came out of the tombs after he had come back to life, and they went into the holy city where they appeared to many people.”(Matthew 27:52-53)

It says that many holy or saintly people rose from their graves and marched into Jerusalem! In case you do not know, Jerusalem back then was like New York today. It was a very important city and is not just some small township. Yet, amazingly enough the only human being who witnessed the event and thought to put it into writing was the author of Matthew! Can you imagine dead saintly people rising from their graves and walking into a city and meeting MANY people? It would be the news of not just the century, but rather the single greatest news in the whole of human history. Reason demands that such a novel incident gets recorded by one and all. Yet, we find total silence by one and all except for that solitary individual in Matthew. Not one of the other three gospels mentioned the event. Not one! The problem is compounded further when we are informed by the following from a famous Bible commentary that :

A study of Isaiah 9:6

Is Jesus God based on Isaiah 9:6?

by Ibn Anwar

   Dr. Andrew Bartelt, Vice President and Academic Dean at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis is one of many trinitarian Christians who argue for Jesus’ (alleged) deity on the basis of Isaiah 9, verse 6. If you are in a discussion regarding the Trinity it is difficult to miss the verse. You will no doubt come across it. In this article we shall explore whether Isaiah 9:6 stands to scrutiny in regards to the belief that it does not just foretell the coming of Jesus, but most importantly it speaks of his “divinity”.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”(Isaiah 9:6)

Was Hagar Abraham’s wife according to the Bible?

 Was she a wife or just a concubine? Putting the record straight once and for all

by Ibn Anwar


  Christians believe that Hagar was of a lesser position compared to Sarah, Abraham’s first wife. Many would deny her as Abraham’s wife, saying she was only a bondwoman, a slavewoman or a concubine. Some would even go so far as to suggest that the first son of Abraham, Ishmael was illigitimate. What is the cause for these views that are regarded as totally erronuous by Muslims? In my own personal view, the reason is because Muhammad s.a.w. a real opponent of Christianity and Judaism and considered as such by their followers claimed lineage via Ishmael(Isma’il in Arabic). Some Christians may think that by demeaning Hagar, Muhammad’s credibility by extension can be shaken. I’m not saying this is the only window of opportunity for these detractors, but, it is one of many. It has been the nature of many Christians(not all) throughout the ages to attack Islam from whichever and whatever position possible. One of the earliest can be traced back to John of Damascus which I’ve written about in an article prior to this one.  Since then, hundreds and thousands of literature have been dedicated and circulated the world over in the never ending effort of attacking Islam and its followers. What then is my response to this particular angle of offense?

Where did Jesus claim,”Worship me or I am God” ?

What is the basis for the Muslim apologist in asking “Where did Jesus call for his worship and claim divinity”?

by Ibn Anwar


For those who have watched and followed Ahmed Deedat’s(may Allah have mercy on him) debates and lectures and others who have followed suit such as Sami Zaatari are very well familiar with the often asked question,”Where did Jesus claim,”Wroship me or I am God?” “. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this line of questioning, insha’Allah, you will be exposed to it in this article. Muslim apologists since Ahmed Deedat have always demanded proof from the Christians for their claims, especially in regards to the divinity of Jesus. The most common and straight forward method is to ask directly, where did Jesus clearly and explicitly claim to be God or asked people to worship him if he is indeed God. The reason for this kind of query is really quite simple. Muslims have been taught from childhood in our scriptures i.e. the Qur’an and Sunnah, that God does not shy from declaring His soverignty and divinity. The idea is that if someone or something is God then the first thing that ought to come to mind for a reasonable individual is did the being claim to be God or was this something that people attached to him/it? This is actually a very important question. Let’s take a down-to-earth example for a clearer picture about this. Let’s say we have George and the people of Britain. George is connected through blood to the British royal family. One fine day the entire royal household died and others disappeared leaving only George unscathed. The British monarchy is in tatters and will probably end if George does not take his place aas rightful heir to the throne. The parliament begins an emergency session and calls George to save the day and be crowned King. Can they force him to do it or does he have to claim it? The answer is of course, he has to accept and claim the throne as his own. Let’s consider a similar scenario but with a little tweak. British royal family destroyed, killed, decimated, disappeared etc. leaving no clear successor in sight. George is there but there is no definite or clear sign of blood ties to royalty from him. Some vague proof is salvaged and ambiguously links him to the British royal family. Parliament wants him to be king, since there is no one else but he does not make any claim to royalty and dies without making any such claim. Can someone later legitimately label him as King of England? The answer should be no. So as we can see, it is indeed very important for someone or a being to make a clear cut claim when it comes to matters of sovereignty. Did Jesus make such a claim? That is indeed the question. Whether he did or not is not something which we will explore in detail in this article. The purpose of this article is to establish some grounds for the Muslim approach as regards to the title.

The Return of the Jedi


Assalamu’alaikum and Greetings,

   After being gone for a couple of months due to some spiritual crisis I am back with a vengeance. I apologise to all my dear friends, colleagues and brethren in Islam for disappearing into the abyss or joining the “dark side” if you may for the past two months. I will not divulge the details of the crisis I experienced for it serves no benefit. What is important is that I have returned and let us pray and hope that no other ill incident may occur in the near or far future. Again, I apologise to any whom I may have caused physical or emotional incovenience. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. Please accept my most sincere and deepest apology. Thank you and may Allah S.W.T. the Lord and Cherisher of all the worlds continue to preserve us on the right path i.e. Islam.


Ibn Anwar

P.S. Due to my recent crisis my channel on youtube containing the videos of the debates(as mentioned in the previous articles) I had were removed. I plan to re-open an account and re-upload the debates in a month or so, Insha’Allah.

A Debate with VenomFangX !! Do not miss it!

Ibn Anwar(Pastor Onomatopoeia) & Nibbyrebel VS VenomFangX


  A few days ago, precisely on 30th June, 2008 just a few minutes after I woke up, finished bathing and all I entered oJJI Christian Muslim Dialogue oJJI as usual. When I arrived the room had almost 100 people in it. The moment I stepped into the room several people jumped at me(metaphorically) and urged me to debate VenomFangX, which I obviously couldn’t resist. I’ve been wanting to debate him for quite sometime and he’s been avoiding my challenges all the while. This was an opportunity I couldn’t let slip. So, Alhamdulillah I accepted the offer. VenomFangX with his hero-like bravado challenged both me and nibbyrebel who was suppose to debate him before my arrival to the room. We refused at first, saying it would be unfair on him. Each of us i.e. nibbyrebel and myself offered to debate VenomFangX on a one-on-one basis. VenomFangX refused this. He was adamant that he debated us both. He probably thought he’ll appear mighty-like if he took upon two Muslims at a time. In any case, whatever the reason was it surely proved too much for Venom as you shall witness in he debate. I will not be listing all the errors VenomFangX committed in the debate as I did Christian_Prince. All the points he raised were dealt with during the debate and in my commentary which is Part 10 of the series of uploads of the debate on youtube. Anyway, without any more delay please check out the debate here www.youtube.com/pastoronomat . Have fun!


Ibn Anwar VS Heliopolis/Fares(Arab Chrisian Evangelist)

 Debate between Ibn Anwar and Heliopolis

by Ibn Anwar

Summary of the debate

  A couple of days ago a debate between the Arab Christian Evangelist Heliopois and me took place on Paltalk in oJJI Christian Muslim Dialogue oJJI under Social Issue in the Human Rights section. The debate was on the “Authenticity of the Bible and the Qur’an”. It was a very civil debate and I congratulate Heliopolis for being respectful and not resorting to ad hominem as his fellow believer Christian Prince always does. Besides me bother abu_shaab who was moderating the debate also participated, but only shortly. My first challenge to Heliopolis was on John3:38 and Matthew 2:23 which speak of prophecies concerning Jesus from the Old Testament. Somehow rather, these prophecies are not to be found anywhere in the Old Testament! We also proposed 1st John 5:7 as additional evidence that the Bible(s) has been changed. By the way I am Pastor Onomatopoeia on paltalk.

What is interesting is that Heliopolis when given John 3:38 made a rather damning statement: