The luminous fatwa of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Afifi Al-Akiti

  Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Afifi Al-Akiti(BA, MA, DPhil) is a fellow in Islamic Studies at the Oxford Centre for Islam Studies and lecturer at the Faculty of Theology at Oxford University. He was first taught by traditional scholars in Malaysia in the sciences of Islam. He later went to England to read Scholastic Philosophy and the History of Science. He completed it with First Class distinction. He then earned an MA and a PhD from Oxford. He is grounded in all the Islamic sciences and is an expert in Islamic theology and jurisprudence.

Click on the following link to read his excellent scholastic fatwa on the much debated issue of “terrorism”.

Defending the Transgressed by Censuring the Reckless against the Killing of Civilians, by Shaykh Mohammad Afifi al-Akiti