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Paul of Tarsus(Part 2)

Jesus VS. Paul   by Dr. Roshan Enam Edited by Ibn Anwar for Unveiling Christianity Quotations from the Qur’an and the Bible are colour coded as follows: Colour coding: Translation of the Words of Allah S.W.T from the Qur’an Words of Paul(From the Epistles) Possible words of Jesus from the Gospels and quotations from the Old Testament […]

Paul of Tarsus( Part 1)

St. Paul, the Root of Christian Missionary deception By Malik Ali There was an apostle, who wrote an epistle, strange faith did he jostle, and scriptures entwistle. His doctrines pentacostal, made GOD’s people bristle, and blapshemy collosal, led to his dismissal. Apostle, epistle, collossal, dismissal, His writings bescissel, make faith so afissile. Anonymous GOD created man […]

Did Paul really meet Jesus?

The Problem of Paul by Sami Zaatari In today’s court of law any information given by a person that is contradictory, and is also illogical, then this information is thrown out of the court and the speaker who gave the information is discredited and cannot be taken as a reliable person at all. We find […]