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Christians Should Not Marry

Be like Christ and End Marriage: To Follow Jesus Means to End Christianity by Ibn Anwar The great irony of the Christian reality is that it continues to exist as the largest religious group on earth solely because its adherents refuse to exemplify their lord and savior Jesus, whom they claim to love ever so […]

The Bible is Not Important

To be Christian You Do Not Need the Bible by Ibn Anwar The title of this humble post captures the reality of the Christian religion for its first 340 years of existence. It is a fact of history that there was no book that resembles today’s Bibles in the time of Jesus. Nor was there […]

It is Not Feasible to Imagine that Jesus Considered Himself God

Did Jesus Think He was God? by Ibn Anwar If Jesus was fully human, which the Trinitarian doctrine of hypostasis does stipulate, then that would mean that his mind was limited, which is one of the reasons why he did not know the day of the hour (Matthew 24:36) according to Christian apologists. Since his […]

What on Earth did Jesus Say?!?!

Where are the words of Jesus? By Ibn Anwar In their preaching and sermons, Christian pastors, priests and missionaries quote words attributed to Jesus from their English Bibles as if Jesus truly uttered those words. Nothing could be further from the truth. The next time you encounter a Christian preacher that attempts to tell you […]

The Illiterate Christian “God”

The Biblical Jesus was illiterate by Ibn Anwar Having a laugh at the expense of the Prophet Muhammad’s s.a.w. inability to read or write is a favourite Christian pastime. Having read the Bible from cover to cover several times (and many more times in different languages), I have not once encountered an instance where the […]

Jesus did not teach the Trinity

Jesus did not teach the Trinity by Ibn Anwar Essential to the doctrine of the Trinity is the divine sonship of Jesus as the Second Person of the Triune Godhead. What is indefatigably clear is that Jesus never once taught anyone that he was God or that he was deserving of divine worship and adulation […]

Christmas Special: Holy Spirit, where art thou?

Holy Spirit Forget Me Not: Matthew 11:27 falsifies the Trinity by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT According to standard Trinity doctrine, all three Persons in the Triune Godhead, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are distinct from each other yet equally and fully God and each Person is equally omniscient (all knowing). The […]