The Cross Did Not Kill Jesus

How Sure are the Christians that the Cross Successfully Killed Jesus?

by Ibn Anwar


If Christians insist that Jesus was truly seen as a normal human being that required food (Luke 24:41) after his alleged crucifixion, the more reasonable question is not whether he had resurrected from death but whether or not he had died in the first place. In answering this question, we ask for evidence that might convince us that Jesus absolutely died on the cross. DO we have such evidence?

Consider the following recent news item:

If cases like the above can still happen today despite our modern and sophisticated know-how, how much more likely would it have been for a similar occurrence to happen 2000 years ago in Judea with the person Jesus on the cross, especially since the crucifixion, according to Father Prof. Raymond Brown, pierces no vital organs? The celebrated Catholic theologian and scholar Father Brown writes:
“Crucifixion pierces no vital organ, and so inevitably one must wonder what physical or organic factor caused Jesus to die. The extremely brief Gospel descriptions of the death of Jesus are of little help in answering this question.” [1]

Since crucifixion wouldn’t have pierced any vital organs, and the gospel accounts indicate Jesus’ time on the cross to be as brief as three to six hours and together with Pilate’s own doubt that he had died (Mark 15:44), the likelihood of Jesus’ survival on the cross, if in fact he was placed on it, becomes very much feasible, if not very much likely.
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[1] Brown, R. E. (1994). The Death of the Messiah, Volume 2. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. p. 1088

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