It is Not Feasible to Imagine that Jesus Considered Himself God

Did Jesus Think He was God?

by Ibn Anwar

If Jesus was fully human, which the Trinitarian doctrine of hypostasis does stipulate, then that would mean that his mind was limited, which is one of the reasons why he did not know the day of the hour (Matthew 24:36) according to Christian apologists. Since his mind was limited like the limited minds of any human being that should necessarily mean that like all human beings, he too would have found it difficult to comprehend the Trinity. With his limited human mind, he would not have possibly been able to grasp the incomprehensible doctrine of the Trinity. As he could not have possibly understood the Trinity, being fully human, he could not have in any way considered himself God, for with the limited mind that he had, he would have found the notion of him being part of a conglomeration of three entities in one essence absolutely strange. It would be truly an odd picture to imagine Jesus saying to himself, “I am God, but I don’t understand how I am God.” As eminent Trinitarian Professor Larry Hurtado says:

” Jesus did not claim that he was God and did not imagine himself to be a second person of the Trinity and did not insist that he should be worshipped.” [1]


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