Is God One Person or Three Persons?

The Human Mind says NO to the Trinity: God is a [single] person says Trinitarian mathematician Professor John Lennox

by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT

Muslims, Jews and Christian Unitarians strongly insist that God is absolutely One. He is a Single Person. Christian Trinitarians depart from that doctrine and teach instead that God is THREE Persons. However, it is a fact that is clearer than crystal that the biblical record contains no passage that identifies God as Three Persons. With well over 6700 instances of the singular pronoun that is used by God in the first person (“I,” “Me,” “Mine,” “Myself”) and of Him in the second and third person (“You,” “Him,” “His,” “Himself”), the biblical record begins and ends with the presumption that God is only one person.

A couple of days ago I watched the Oxford Mathematician Professor John Lennox and the Oxford biologist Professor Richard Dawkins duke it out in a debate that they had on the question ‘Has Science Buried God?’ It was my third time watching the debate. This time round, I noticed something interesting. Whenever Lennox, who is a brilliant and respected mathematician at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is also incidentally a Christian apologist respected in Christian apologetic circles, refers to God, he inadvertently spoke of Him as One Person and not Three Persons. This is in complete contradiction to standard Trinitarian doctrine, which he believes in as a Trinitarian Christian. According to standard Trinitarian doctrine, God is Three Persons and not One Person. The fact that Lennox, as a mathematician, could not resist but subconsciously affirm the unitarian view of God shows that if the human being does not purposefully pressure the brain into consciously saying “Three Personsin one God” when speaking of God, what naturally comes out is “God is one Person.”

As my skills with the computer are very limited, I enlisted our brother Yahya Snow‘s help (as he is very savvy with video editing) to put together the video with the relevant clips of instances in the debate where Lennox referred to God as a [single] Person. Yahya has done a wonderful job and we ask Allah’s blessings to accompany him in all his endeavours. The finished product can be seen in the attached video below.

Unitarian scholar of the Bible Anthony Buzzard asks pertinently, “I am inquiring of the New Testament whether Jesus ever gave his approval to the idea that God is three Persons (Trinitarianism). Or did he teach that God is one Person (unitarianism)?” [1]

The answer Lennox gives in his natural speech as we see in the video is that God is really just One Person. The phraseology “Three Persons” used to refer to a single entity, i.e., God, is an oddity to the rational mind. Unless the human mind is carefully trained to say God, in the singular, is Three Persons, human speech that is controlled and dictated by the sound mind will always declare that God, in the singular, is but One Person. And the dogmatic truth that God is One Person is thoroughly affirmed in the Bible. Buzzard writes:

“The Hebrew nephesh is equivalent to “person, individual.” Even God is described as being a nephesh , i.e., a single individual. God speaks of “My Soul” — “Myself” (Isaiah 42:1). He is a single “self.”” [2]

The fact that God is not just a singular Being but also a singular Person is so powerful that it compels even the brightest minds in Trinitarian Christianity like Professor John Lennox to subconsciously refer to God as a Single Person and not Three Persons. This demonstrates that the human mind cannot naturally produce the unintelligibility of the Trinity in everyday speech. The concept that God is three persons in one Being is too awkward a notion that the logical human mind simply does not register it and this is illustrated beautifully in Lennox’s speech as he unmistakably without fail affirmed that God is a single person despite actually believing that God is Three Persons.


[1] Buzzard A. F. (2007). Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian: A Call to Return to the Creed of Jesus. Georgia: Restoration Fellowship. pp. 2-3

[2] Ibid. fn.7


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