Answering Islam’s Ringleader, Sam Shamoun has Acute Reading Problems

Why is Answering Islam only for those who dropped out of school or those who share the backward mentality of school dropouts? Exposing Shamoun as a sham.

by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT

In this kindergarten article (A Muslim Scholar’s Incriminating Statements on Islam Pt. 1: Muhammad’s Suicide Attempts), the new Christian prophet Sam Shamoun claims that Hadith expert Dr. Jonathan Brown recognises the historicity of Muhammad’s suicide attempt. In trying to find Muslim scholars that approve such fiction, Shamoun the Jester cited Brown:

“… Ibn Hisham found some of the material that Ibn Ishaq included objectionable, such as the story of the Prophet contemplating suicide after his first revelation and the Satanic verses (see below). He removed such reports…”

“his thoughts of suicide, and ultimate refuge with his loving wife. It is no accident that the mention of suicide, present in Ibn Ishaq’s original Sira, was removed in Ibn Hisham’s more orthodox edition. That Muhammad could have doubted his calling or thought of suicide was unacceptable to Muslim scholars.”

From these two sections taken from Brown’s ‘Muhammad: A Very Short Introduction,’ the court jester Sam Shamoun stupidly yells, “Brown isn’t the only scholar or authority who accepts the historicity of Muhammad’s attempt of killing himself after his initial encounter with a spirit being.”

Well, here’s the problem and it exposes Shamoun as having such poor reading skills that a seven-year-old would be embarrassed to sit next to him: In the given quotation, Dr. Jonathan Brown never says Muhammad s.a.w. actually ATTEMPTED suicide. When a person has the reading skills of a kindergarten child like the court jester Shamoun, I suppose it is not easy to see the huge difference between “contemplating” and “attempting,” between “thought” and “attempt.” To help our poor illiterate court jester out, we shall explain the difference. Contemplating or thought is the imagination that goes on in a person’s mind about a thing or an action. Attempt is the act of doing or putting to action what was imagined in the mind before. But we shouldn’t really blame Shamoun for his most embarrassing errors in language as he has literally zero academic credentials. He’s just a street urchin who discovered a colourful clown’s outfit that he sees as Joseph’s coat of many colours (kethoneth passim) and he sits in his plastic kindergarten chair pretending to be a king of kings.

When you have someone like Shamoun who crazily and insanely argues for the worship of a man in an inexplicable Trinity and uses such confusing language as one is three and three is one, man is god and god is man, you end up with the Shamounian stupidity of confusing “attempting” with “contemplating.”

What makes the article more amusing is that the [1] footnote that he gives to his claim that Brown and other scholars recognise Muhammad’s s.a.w. “suicide attempt” is the following:

“(1) Sadly, we still find Muslims today (1; 2) who are so embarrassed by Muhammad’s suicidal bouts that they are willing to go as far as distort the Islamic sources or rewrite history in order to avoid having to deal with the ramifications that such suicidal tendencies have on Muhammad’s mental sanity and prophetic claims.”

The 1 and 2 in brackets after “today” are links to Bassam Zawadi’s article and mine. He accuses us of distorting Islamic sources and rewrite history to avoid dealing with Muhammad’s s.a.w. “suicidal tendencies.” Well, anyone who has better reading skills than a kindergarten adolescent may well read my article on the subject and prove to themselves that nothing is distorted, but everything is treated with the utmost academic honesty, for example, the text of the relevant tradition is given and a technical discussion on the content and the chain of transmission are generously supplied by yours truly with proper citations to academic sources. And in the analysis, we prove that the story was a rumour, a gossip that was in circulation that has nothing to do with the Prophet’s s.a.w. real experiences with revelation. We address the issue from several different angles and securely come to the conclusion that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was blameless. So Shamoun’s claim that I ran away from dealing with the issue is more proof of his utterly deficient reading skills. Perhaps I should offer some reading lessons to him.

My article that addresses this issue may be accessed at

The following is a scanned image of the relevant part where Shamoun commits the blunders discussed above. The red boxes highlight the specific instances that show Shamoun’s utterly poor reading skills.


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6 Responses to “Answering Islam’s Ringleader, Sam Shamoun has Acute Reading Problems”

  1. Shahid Pakistani says:

    Sam Shamoun thinks he is smart and Muslims are too scared to debate him, this just shows how dumb he is. Can’t differentiate between Contemplate or an attempt, lol. When I was a kid, I thought about robbing the sweet house, but based on Sam’s logic, I must have already attempted to rob the store, silly Sam.


    Sam is a missionary, no surprise!

  3. Mustafa Ahmed says:

    Salam Akhi Ibn Anwar Anither great response by yourself… I think scam shamoun needs to retire he’s old busted debunked arguments are only making him look stupid. Him and his clown David word pastor josepth etc…

  4. fairoz sharif says:

    “Prophet became so sad as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains”

    this is the hadith mentioned in answering-christianity site:

    “we have heard that”
    this hadith clearly mentions it was people talking (it cud be true or false), no confirmed reports.

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