James White’s Quadratheism* cult

The world heavyweight Trinitarian Evangelist James R. White has shown himself to be a worshipper of polytheism. In fact, in his book ‘The Forgotten Trinity’, he unwittingly reveals to his readers that he has advanced from three gods to FOUR gods; therefore, making him the promulgator of a new cult: White’s Quadratheism (the FOUR Gods religion)

Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT

In this very unique, one of a kind, custom-made graphical illustration of James White’s new cult, we vividly show how he has deviated from Monotheism to Tritheism and finally, to Quadratheism. In dissecting this newly innovated cult, we discover that he, none the wiser, worships a pantheon of four gods.

James R. White's Quadratheism by Ibn Anwar (2016). James White's cult of Quadratheism. Kuala Lumpur: Unveiling Christianity.

James R. White’s Quadratheism  (Ibn Anwar (2016). James White’s Quadratheism cult. Kuala Lumpur: Unveiling Christianity)


We beckon all those that wish to be true monotheists to hearken to the simple message of One God as preached by the historical Jesus in Mark 12:29: “The most important commandment of all is the Lord our God, the Lord is ONE.”

There was never a “ONE what and THREE who’s” which makes a “FOUR who what????” Such confusion can never be traced to the noble and pure monotheistic ministry of Jesus. Let us not confound our theology with the strange mumbo jumbo of “what who who who”, but let us proclaim in concert with Jesus, “You (the Father) are the ONLY TRUE God…” (ton monon aleithenon theon; John 17:3)

If I may paraphrase the Unitarian scholar and theologian Professor (Dr.) Sir Anthony F. Buzzard who tirelessly calls his Trinitarian cousins to “return to the simple creed of Jesus — the utter belief in One God, no more no less.” [1]

Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” (Mark 10:15) Our master Jesus Christ had a great love for children. In this rather revealing verse, he tells us that we have to be like a little child to be admitted into God’s Kingdom. What this means as far as I can see is that we have to be innocent as a child for God to bestow His mercy upon us and let us into His Kingdom. And I have a hundred percent confidence that if you were to show a child that has developed rudimentary arithmetic skills the diagram that I have prepared of White’s Quadratheism, he will unequivocally say, “FOUR gods.” No child can ever process and understand the convoluted non-Biblical, non-Qur’anic, non-Abrahamic the colourful different formulations of the Trinity that any Trinitarian theologian of any age can and have proposed. In all of these formulations, the innocent child will inevitably see more than one. I truly am confident insofar that the child’s rational faculties have not been compromised by brainwashing or retardation with pristine arithmetic skills, he will never see three as one at any time and in any universe. Become a child and embrace Jesus’ monotheistic faith and happily leave behind the ancestral confusions of the past. No amount of Trinitarian sophistry can move a child to see White’s Quadratheism as monotheism.

Let us all monotheists come together in a concerted effort to proclaim the pure ONENESS of God and completely disclaim blasphemous heresies that create graven images before His Majesty.



[1]  Buzzard, A. F. (2007). Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian: A Call to Return to the Creed of Jesus. Morrow, Georgia: Restoration Fellowship. pp. 48-49

* This term does not exist in the English language. I have coined it to capture the essence of James White’s new polytheistic cult and what is more fitting for a new version of Christian polytheism than a beautiful word that encapsulates its dimensions? The term Quadratheism was chosen as it comes from two parts: “quad” has its origins in Latin and essentially means “four” like the word quadruple and “theism” comes from the Greek word “theos” (God), therefore, the merging of the two gives a sort of newly coined compound noun “Quadratheism” which means “FOUR gods”. This is in opposition to monotheism which comes from the Greek “monos” (one) and “theism (God) and when put together, the meaning becomes “ONE God”. Typically, the prefix for four that is derived from Latin is “qaudri”, but in the author’s view the articulate “Quadritheism” is not as appealing as “Quadratheism”. In any case, there are instances of ‘quadra’ used as a prefix in several words, e.g., “quadrangular” (having four corners) and “quadragesima” (the fortieth).

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