A Debate with VenomFangX !! Do not miss it!

Ibn Anwar(Pastor Onomatopoeia) & Nibbyrebel VS VenomFangX


  A few days ago, precisely on 30th June, 2008 just a few minutes after I woke up, finished bathing and all I entered oJJI Christian Muslim Dialogue oJJI as usual. When I arrived the room had almost 100 people in it. The moment I stepped into the room several people jumped at me(metaphorically) and urged me to debate VenomFangX, which I obviously couldn’t resist. I’ve been wanting to debate him for quite sometime and he’s been avoiding my challenges all the while. This was an opportunity I couldn’t let slip. So, Alhamdulillah I accepted the offer. VenomFangX with his hero-like bravado challenged both me and nibbyrebel who was suppose to debate him before my arrival to the room. We refused at first, saying it would be unfair on him. Each of us i.e. nibbyrebel and myself offered to debate VenomFangX on a one-on-one basis. VenomFangX refused this. He was adamant that he debated us both. He probably thought he’ll appear mighty-like if he took upon two Muslims at a time. In any case, whatever the reason was it surely proved too much for Venom as you shall witness in he debate. I will not be listing all the errors VenomFangX committed in the debate as I did Christian_Prince. All the points he raised were dealt with during the debate and in my commentary which is Part 10 of the series of uploads of the debate on youtube. Anyway, without any more delay please check out the debate here www.youtube.com/pastoronomat . Have fun!


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    sa akhi where is the debate.. i want to listing to it

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