Ibn Anwar VS Heliopolis/Fares(Arab Chrisian Evangelist)

 Debate between Ibn Anwar and Heliopolis

by Ibn Anwar

Summary of the debate

  A couple of days ago a debate between the Arab Christian Evangelist Heliopois and me took place on Paltalk in oJJI Christian Muslim Dialogue oJJI under Social Issue in the Human Rights section. The debate was on the “Authenticity of the Bible and the Qur’an”. It was a very civil debate and I congratulate Heliopolis for being respectful and not resorting to ad hominem as his fellow believer Christian Prince always does. Besides me bother abu_shaab who was moderating the debate also participated, but only shortly. My first challenge to Heliopolis was on John3:38 and Matthew 2:23 which speak of prophecies concerning Jesus from the Old Testament. Somehow rather, these prophecies are not to be found anywhere in the Old Testament! We also proposed 1st John 5:7 as additional evidence that the Bible(s) has been changed. By the way I am Pastor Onomatopoeia on paltalk.

What is interesting is that Heliopolis when given John 3:38 made a rather damning statement:

fares_1343: there is no 7:38

fares_1343: 7:28 is last vs. in Chapter 7

(Click on the picture to see the print screen clearly)

**Fact of the matter is John 7 ends at verse 52 or 53(depending on which version u refer to)


Part 1 of the debate



Proceed to www.youtube.com/pastoronomat to watch the whole debate in 9 parts. Enjoy.

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