The Deception of Christian Prince Unveiled

The Blunders of Christian Prince

by Ibn Anwar

  Yesterday, on the 24th of June 2008 on Paltalk, Allah the Most High and the Most Great inspired the great Muslim hater Christian Prince to enter into the den of the lion. Those who know Christian Prince are very well aware of the fact that he rarely steps out of the comfort of his own room. However, yesterdy..miracle of miracles, he entered our room oJJ0 Christian Muslim Dialogue oJJ0 with most of his flock behind him. Indeed, the moment he stepped into the room, streams of Christians began to flood in. In fact, the room received its biggest hit count since its inception, numbering over 110 people. Gomerozdubar aka Dr. Zayed Yasin, a popular Muslim apologist who frequents Paltalk immediately took the micrphone and challenged the whole Christian audience to a duel. Obviosly, Christian Prince with allhis bravado and holier than thou attitude raised his hand and accepted the challenge. Brother Gomerozdubar quickly without the slightest hesitation or doubt striked Christian Prince with the topic of, “Did the Bible God make people eat their own children”. Instead of answering the question with all humility and respect as is the command of 1st Peter 3:15, Christian Prince hopscotched and dodged and began to speak about the Qur’an. Instead of answering the simple straight-forward question he began to talk about an entirely different topic namely, Khidr and the boy whom he slew. It was a rather amusing scene. In this article, I will be highligting the blunders committed by Christian Prince in his arguments. Before you continue with the commentary, please proceed to to listen to the uncut debate as recorded by me. Enjoy the ride!

Christian Prince’s BLUNDERS in the debate he had with Gomerozdubar on the general topic of Qur’an vs Bible. The ERRORS are listed chronollogically

I will be making time and minute references in the list of errors to the recordings that may be accessed at (they are in 7 parts) . So bear with me.

Error 1

Instead of answering Gomerozdubar’s challenge on “Did the Bible God make people to eat their own children in Jeremiah 19:9” he went all high and mighty and stooped to ad hominem by calling Gomerozdubar “a little puppy”(this is in Part 1 of the recording in youtube at 2:00) thus breaking his own book 1st Peter 3:15, “answer with humility and respect”. Other epithet and insults he employed very shortly afterwards include “coward & put you under my shoes and your prophet from 2:48 to 3:08 in Part 1.

Error 2

Christian Prince falsely accused the Muslims in the room of claiming to be scholars at 4:00(Part 1) when nobody did.

Error 3

Accused Gomerozdubar of lying about Jeremiah 19:9 at 9:00(Part 1) onwards. Did he? Let us see the verse:

I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters, and they will eat one another’s flesh during the stress of the siege imposed on them by the enemies who seek their lives.” (Jeremiah 19:9)

I in the verse refers to God. So where did Gomerozdubar lie? Christian Prince’s explanation for the verse does not do away with the apparent problem. Whether they were surrounded by their enemies or whatever is inconsequential. What was noted by Gomerozdubar is that the verse says that “GOD TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAKING THEM EAT THEIR ON CHILDREN BY SAYING,”I WILL MAKE THEM”.”

Error 4

Making the uninformed claim at 3:00 onwards(Part 2) that Khidr was a prophet as if this was a definite fact accepted by all Muslims when there is no agreement on this in the Islamic tradition. For further details on who Khidr was refer to .

Error 5

Claiming that Khidr tortured the boy first before killing him at 3:10 onwards(Part 2) which is totally false. Let us consider the verse in qustion:

“Then they proceeded: until when they met a young man, he slew him. Moses said : “Have you slain an innocent person who had slain none? Truly a foul (unheard of thing) have you done!” (Surah Al-Kahf, verse 74)

Tafsir Ibn Kathir explains how he was slain :

“Al-Khidr said to Musa, “My knowledge and your knowledge, in comparison to Allah’s knowledge, is like what this bird has taken out of the sea.” Then they both disembarked from the boat, and while they were walking on the shore, Al-Khidr saw a boy playing with other boys. Al-Khidr took hold of the boy’s head and pulled it off with his hands, killing him. Musa said to him, (“Have you killed an innocent person who had killed none! Verily, you have committed a thing Nukr!” He said, “Did I not tell you that you would not be able to have patience with me”) “

As seen above, no torture took place as was claimed by Christian Prince. The method in which he was killed was very swift i.e. separating his head from the body. The boy died instantly. Christian Prince kept repeating that Khidr was torturing the kid and cut his head off after he had killed him. Both exaggerations are false. No torture took place and he was killed immediately because his head was severed.


Claimed first at 4:25 and further in the debate that THE ONLY REASON why the boy was killed by Khidr was because he was going to abandon faith(commit apostasy). Gomerozdubar later proved that he’s mistaken his this claim of his and that the real reason is mentioned in the same chapter a few verses later in verse 80 i.e.

“As for the youth, his parents were people of faith, and We feared that he would grieved them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude.” (Surah Al-Kahf, verse 80 )

What is even more amazing is that he later quotes this verse himself and still persisted in saying that THE ONLY REASON why he was killed was because he was going to turn into a disbeliever in the future! Talk about blindness!

Gomerozdubar explained:

According to the Torah which was the revelation given to Moses, a child who disobeys his parents was to be put to death. This is clearly mentioned in Exodus 21:15 ,”Anyone who attacks his father or his mother must be put to death” and in verse 17,”Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.” The same is mentioned in Leviticus 20:9,”If anyone curses his father or his mother, he must be put to death“. And the Qur’an clearly stated in verse number 80 of Surah Al-Kahf(18) that the reason why the boy was killed was because he was going to be “rebellious and wll show ingratitude to his parents”. Remember that Moses was given the Torah and NOT the Qur’an! The Qur’an is mrely retelling a story which happened in Moses’ time. In response to this Christian Prince said in 3:53 to 4:01 that the boy was innocent and didn’t do anything yet bu he was killed because of a future crime and in 4:01 he again stupidly claimed that the reason why the boy was killed was because he was going to disbelieve and not because of dsobedience to his parents! In regards to killing the boy even though he hadn’t commit the crime yet Gomerozdubar produced the argument that Allah revealed to Khidr that the boy was going to be disobedient, so Allah commanded Khidr to kill the boy before he got the chance to do it and besides Allah’s existence is above past, present and future of this material world. The wisdom behind this incident was that Allah’s knowledge is the greatest. Further more, Gomerozdubar at 4:30 in Part 3 produced Isaiah 14:21,”Prepare a place to slaughter his sons for the sins of their forefathers; they are not to inherit the land and cover the earth with their cities” which is clearly a pre-emptive strike by God before the sons were to commit any wrong(which they wuld in the future). Since the Bible support the idea, it’s silly for Christian Prince to question what is found in the passage regarding Khidr and the boy. Case closed.

Error 7

Christian Prince provided “proofs” from some Arabic websites which most of the people in the room did not have access to. Can you imagine if a debate occured between me and Dr. James White and as evidences for my claims I ask the lay audience to refer to completely Greek writings? It’s ridiculous and silly. Even for sahih Bukhari which he claimed to be quoting, he gave an Arabic link for it. We know that there are full Sahih Bukhari translations on the internet, why did he not give the exact references so that we can ascertain them? Very dishonest, I must say.

Error 8

Christian Prince has hearing problems. At 4:45 to 4:50 in Part 3, Christian Prince claims that Gomerozdubar said that he’s not a scholar. Nowhere did Gomerozdubar throughout the debate ever claimed to be a scholar or otherwise. Clearly, Christian Prince has one or more of these problems : hearing deficiency, problem understanding English and perhaps delusional.

Error 9

Claiming at 6:50 onwards in Part 3(and earlier in the debate) that the verse in Surah Al-Kahf, verse 74 says the boy who was killed was innocent because of the Arabic word used there is “zakiyya”. Just read the verse again and see what it really says. It is Moses who is saying that the boy is innocent in reaction to what Khidr did. And in the context of the passage Moses’ remark does not amount to anything because he was being TAUGHT by Khidr! Nowhere does the passage ever state or claim that the boy was innocent as a fact.

Error 10

At 7:30 onwards in Part 3 Christian Prince claims that the boy “will disbelieve in Allah and in the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.” in the future that’s why he will be killed. Here’s a simple excercise. When was Moses and when was Muhammad s.a.w.? How did Muhammad s.a.w. get into the picture? Nowehere does Muhammad s.a.w. fit into the story. Christian Prince is in a terrible mess and he’s just fumbling.

Error 11

At 7:45 to 7:50 in Part 3, he claims that Surah Al-Kahf, verse 74 says that the boy is “ghulaman zakiyya”. This is a blatant lie!. The verse says “NAFSAN ZAKIYYA” which means innocent person. I suppose he’s just projecting the Christian careless handling of their own scripture and how they easily mint the words of God! It would also appear he hasn’t really read the verse.

Error 12

At 0:00 until 0:30 in Part 5 Christian Prince goes on to quote verse 80 of Surah Al Kahf and says that the verse does not say that the boy will be disobedient to his parents but will rather disbelieve. Let us see the verse again!

“As for the youth, his parents were people of Faith, and We feared that he would grieve them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude” (Surah Al-Kahf Chp. 18 verse 80)

Error 13

At 2:20 onwards in Part 5 Chrstian Prince claims that his faith forbids him from looking at man’s private parts. What I would like to see is where is this mentioned in his Bible. Where does the Bible say you cannot look at man’s private parts? Please produce some scriptual proof Christians!

Error 14

In Part 6 at the beginning, CHristian Prince claims that Gomeroz had spoken for 25 minutes so he wants equal time for rebuttal. We have the complete RAW recording and anyone can see that Gomer didn’t even take 6 minutes to talk about the issue of nudity in the Bible. Not even 6 minutes! And here we have Christian Prince saying Gomerozdubar took 25 minutes! It appears this man Christian Prince cannot count time.

Error 15

Christian Prince at one time claimed Khidr killed a baby and then other times said he killed a boy. Which was it? A boy or a baby? They are not the same! CHristian Prince was clearly in a total mess..fumbling through. Perhaps, the Holy Spirit abandoned him.

The 15 errors that have been listed expose Christian Prince for what he really is i.e. a sham and a clown. The truth has won!

The following is a most interesting private exchange I had with a Christian who told me that Christian Prince admitted to him that the debate would “harm Christianity”.

love your ennemy: hi

love your ennemy: i’ve listened to debate between cp and gomer

Pastor Onomatopoeia: hi

Pastor Onomatopoeia: cool

Pastor Onomatopoeia: yea

love your ennemy: can u send me the tape please?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i’m uploading mine too

Pastor Onomatopoeia: on youtube

Pastor Onomatopoeia: will appear soon

Pastor Onomatopoeia: in a few hours

love your ennemy: can u send me the tape?

love your ennemy: cp said he will ulpoad it but when i asked him he said he decided not to do it

love your ennemy: because it will harm christianity

Pastor Onomatopoeia: he said this?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: lol

love your ennemy: yes and i am a christian

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i can send u the tape

Pastor Onomatopoeia: but u need to give me ur email

Pastor Onomatopoeia: cause the file

love your ennemy: thank you

Pastor Onomatopoeia: is too large

Pastor Onomatopoeia: to send through paltalk

love your ennemy: how large?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i have two files

Pastor Onomatopoeia: 54 minutes

Pastor Onomatopoeia: the first

Pastor Onomatopoeia: 20 over the second

love your ennemy: audio or video?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: audio

Pastor Onomatopoeia: it can’t go through

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i’ve tried

Pastor Onomatopoeia: with some other people

Pastor Onomatopoeia: bro

Pastor Onomatopoeia: no worries

love your ennemy: ok

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i’m uploading

Pastor Onomatopoeia: the files

Pastor Onomatopoeia: onto youtube

Pastor Onomatopoeia: without editing

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i will give u my channel

love your ennemy: it’s [email protected]

Pastor Onomatopoeia: and u can access it there

love your ennemy: ok

love your ennemy: cool

Pastor Onomatopoeia: let me just add you

Pastor Onomatopoeia: when did Cp tell you that it will harm Christianity?

love your ennemy: earlier this morning

love your ennemy: it was 2 am

Pastor Onomatopoeia: in his room?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i see

Pastor Onomatopoeia: all right thanks

love your ennemy: no in private chat

Pastor Onomatopoeia: do u have it?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: as in

Pastor Onomatopoeia: the pm?

love your ennemy: no i closed the window

Pastor Onomatopoeia: did u save it?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: lol okay

love your ennemy: no

Pastor Onomatopoeia: may I publish this little pm of ours?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: do u mind?

Pastor Onomatopoeia: i would like to add it to my commentary

Pastor Onomatopoeia: on my blog

love your ennemy: well i never thought i was going to give it to a muslim lol

love your ennemy: of course no problem i am sure he will banned me from his room

Pastor Onomatopoeia: lol

Pastor Onomatopoeia: okay great

love your ennemy: you know he did a really bad performance

Pastor Onomatopoeia: lol you don’t say

Pastor Onomatopoeia:

love your ennemy: he was shouting like crazy rather gomer was calm and try to be patient with cp

love your ennemy: i can not understand how a christian can behave like he did

love your ennemy: i don’t support this type of behavior of some so called christians

Pastor Onomatopoeia: indeed

Pastor Onomatopoeia:

love your ennemy: jesus taught us to be kind with others

Pastor Onomatopoeia: no doubt

love your ennemy: i hope you don’t mind i added your nick in my list

love your ennemy: because i asked a person where i could get the tape so he gave it to me

Pastor Onomatopoeia: no problem

love your ennemy: well I have to go to school

love your ennemy: enjoy your day

love your ennemy: good night

Pastor Onomatopoeia: take care

Pastor Onomatopoeia: have fun at school

Pastor Onomatopoeia: night

Pastor Onomatopoeia:

     love your ennemy is now offline.

Messages will be delivered when they sign on to Paltalk.


If you wish to see print screens of the above exchange as proof of its authenticity you may contact me at [email protected] . Thank you.

The debate between Gomerozdubar(Dr. Zayed Yasin) VS Christian Prince may be accessed here

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15 Responses to “The Deception of Christian Prince Unveiled”

  1. noname says:

    The joke is that muslims don’t like any questions about Islam or the Quran. I have never heard a single muslim defend the Quran.
    The only attack the bible and don’t like counterattacks. Typical of muslims really. Let us insult you but you cannot insult us. Let us insult paul but you cannot insult mohammed. Let us critique the bible but you can’t critique the quran.

    • pamuk7 says:

      Noname, your committing a falalcy of “hasty generalization.” If some Muslims attack the Bible that doesn’t mean all of then do, without defedning the Quran. If your brainwashed to made to see ONLY those Muslims that don’t defend the Quran, it’s your own fault for not viewing the many Muslims on the internet and around the world who have refuted these allegations.

      Many people blindly follow those who bash Islam and assume they are right, because they assume whatever they believe in is true and therefore Islamaphobic allegations are true, which is a fallacy.

      If someone was to experience multiple Christians attacking the Quran but don’t respond to the Bible allegations, according to your standards, we should generalize on all Christians by saying: “Typical Christians.”

      Let’s hope you don’t have double standards. There are many Muslims refuting Christian Prince’s out of context, mistranslations, misinterpretations, appeal to weak sources and factual errors he made and all you have to do is read the responses:

      Specifically regarding Christian Prince: he truly does throw stones when he lives in a glasshouse, which is majority of his videos throw allegations when most of the allegations he alleges are in his Bible.

  2. noname says:

    Another point to address. I have never heard Christian Prince speak without proof and references. If you have issues with the fact that some of your scholarly material is still in Arabic that is your problem. There is google translation and the last time I checked google translation is not a muslim or a christian or a jew but a translation program.

  3. Ibn Anwar says:

    Assalamu’alaikum and Greetings,
    Noname said,
    Another point to address. I have never heard Christian Prince speak without proof and references. If you have issues with the fact that some of your scholarly material is still in Arabic that is your problem. There is google translation and the last time I checked google translation is not a muslim or a christian or a jew but a translation program.

    My Response

    Haha…you must be joking…Christian Prince never speaks without proof nd references??? What proof? Look atmy commentary with the 15 clear errors he committed…even the “proof” he offered turned out to be non-proof..haha. In Any case…you have not addressed any of the 15 clear explicite errors which CP committed in the i tak it you concede that CP was utterly destroyed and exposed as a deceptive snake! Thank you Noname ;).

    Noname said,
    The joke is that muslims don’t like any questions about Islam or the Quran. I have never heard a single muslim defend the Quran.
    The only attack the bible and don’t like counterattacks. Typical of muslims really. Let us insult you but you cannot insult us. Let us insult paul but you cannot insult mohammed. Let us critique the bible but you can’t critique the quran.

    My Response,
    Muslims don’t like questions about the Qur’an?? lol..i think if you had listened to the debate it is Christian Prince who do not like questions about the Bible! loool….It is amazing that you say you’ve never seen or heard Muslims defending the Qur’an…this shows how very ignorant you are. It appears you’ve been too much engrossed in CP’s cultism that you don’t know about all the time Uslims defending and explaining the Quran’s amusing and sad. Listen to the debate very carefully and you will see that it was Christian Prince who first began to please don’t waste our time with the holier than thou game.

    Ibn Anwar

  4. Lexington Kromwell says:

    Thank you for the terrific debate, however it seems Christian Prince couldnt make a single sound reasoning point. The topic seemed to be retierated by Gomerozdubar that ” Cannabolism in bible or quran?” which Christian prince eluded away from consistantly, while he avoided offering a single reference throughtout the entire hour. Why did he even attempt to accept the Proposal made by the Muslim Speaker if he couldnt focus on the topic of the debate? Really strange that another christian who can present a coherent argument was not willing to take the challenge. Secondly, the Christian Speaker was fumbling and blathering all over himself claiming offers nobody knew what he was referring to. The Muslim speaker eloquently presented every bit of evidence including citing references for his immediate thesis about “Cannabolism in Bible”. It then followed the Muslim Speaker annihilating the ‘killing of a boy story” presented by Christian Prince who seemed very deceptive on his retelling of the narrative. What in the world does a story during Moses’ time of a mysterious guy killing a boy have to do with the topic “cannabolism in Bible or Quran?” That was not a discussion or a debate but rather, a total destruction of the unfortunate christian Speaker. Quite entertaining yet a dissappointing representation of the Christianity I was raised with. In any case, this is exactly what occurs when the Muslim doctor picks an oridnary non-english speaking Christian to formally dialogue. It is Like Tiger Woods facing a golfer with no arms. I pray next time the candidates can be equally matched in credentials. Love in Christ and Thanks again.

  5. Lexington Kromwell says:

    Oh my dear Lord, Holy mother of God! Listening to the debate a second time, it just keeps getting worse for the Christian speaker. Gomerozdubar made challenges, by which not a single one was met by Christian Prince. lol wow. Then the Christian Prince made some challenges of his own by which every theoligical point was addressed by the muslim speaker. Christian Prince said ” Be a man and read 18:74″ by which the Muslim did and responded TWICE! Clearly debunked the poor christian speaker. Begging for 25 minutes seemed quite strange also, since both speakers spoke at a duration after the bickering back and forth in the first 3 parts. After Part 4 both sides used mic until voluntarily relinquishing mic numerous times. The lack of honesty by Christian Prince was evident and his interpretation of 68:42 was quite a stretch about God strip teasing with His leg. I’ve read it myself and cant find a clue where the Christian speaker attempted to infer. lol/ All i can say is…Relistening over again makes it even worse point for point for the Prince, or as Gomerozdubar called him…”Christian CHILD.” aha

  6. Sam says:

    I just want to ask you, do you really take this low class “CP” seriously? I have listened to some of his nonesenses and I often laughed at his childish, foolish and dictatorial assumptions about the Quran and Islam, he clearly is a deranged man who is lonely and hopeless ….last time I checked I noticed that he is selling his silly stuff on his website, I think that he needs the money, and is wiling to be the laughing stock of both Muslims and Christians ( and other intellectuals for that matter) just to get some pitty cash …just ignore him ( if you wish) and he will shut up, or he will have few dozens of followers, and wow, what kind of following would find him of interest, certainly not the type of people you wish to win to your side.
    God Bless.

  7. Alfesani says:

    assalamu alaykum,

    Nice Job, it was a terrible day for xtian prince and his folks.By the way, i dont know about you but i feel a person commiting disbeiief(kufr) is commiting greater offence than hurting one’s parents and even though the quran doesnt say the boy was killed for disbelief alone. It seems its fine for christians if God commands believers to kill those children who disrespect their parents but they they will be angry if God commands believers for killing those who disrespect God and His signs.As a muslim God and His revelation are more important and significant to me than my parents.

    Xtian prince in one of his debates(where he dotted the muslim defender evry 5 secs or so) tried to prove that Allah has a body and also he tried to say that God strips(astaghfirullah) by using Al quran 68:42.The guy who lost the debate was new in islam so i am sure he never had any knowledge of islam so he ‘lost’ the debate with xtian prince.I will give you the tafseer of the verse here inshaAllah so that it becomes clear what this verse is talking about:-

    “On a day when shin shall be exposed, they shall be ordered to prostrate, but be unable” (Qur’an 68:32),
    al-Tabari says, “A number of the exegetes of the Companions (Sahaba) and their students (tabi‘in) held that it [a day when shin shall be exposed] means a dire matter (amr shadid) shall be disclosed [emphasis mine] [n: the shin’s association with direness being that it was customary for Arab warriors fighting in the desert to ready themselves to move fast and hard through the sand in the thick of the fight by lifting the hems of their garments above the shin. This was apparently lost upon later anthropomorphists, who said the verse proved ‘Allah has a shin,’ or, according to others, ‘two shins, since one would be unbecoming’]” (Jami‘ al-bayan, 29.38). Al-Tabari also relates from Muhammad ibn ‘Ubayd al-Muharibi (d. 245/859), who relates from Ibn al-Mubarak (d. 181/797), from Usama ibn Zayd [al-Laythi] (d. 153/770), from ‘Ikrima [ibn ‘Abdullah al-Barbari] (d. 104/723), from Ibn ‘Abbas (d. 68/687) that shin in the above verse means “a day of war and direness (harb wa shidda)” [emphasis mine] (ibid., 29.38). All of these narrators are those of the rigorously authenticated (sahih) collections except Usama ibn Zayd, whose hadiths are well authenticated (hasan).

    By the way, this tafseer was in use way before xtian prince set foot on earth to spread his filth lol.

  8. Ali says:

    Cp is a joke and a disgrace,
    but the problem is the fact that his fans take him a serious human being with the truth.
    He is rude, ignorant, and repulsive. The title of his room on Pal Talk makes no sense, and nor do his arguments. A debate in his room is impossible and I believe only Ossam Abdullah had the courage and quite possible Sami Zaatari to debate in his room, when he has control of the room, he red dots faster then we can breathe. He doesnt give anyone a chance to respond, and he gives links in arabic, which is hard for non arabic readers to READ but he doesnt understand that and he loves to trick people into trusting his antics. He is a rude chirstian, and has nothing better to do then bash Islam. He is an ignorant person who cant be take seriosley for his deception is noted throughout the world of Islamic and Chirstian relations. He loves to respond with the same argument, about the death of a boy, and I can show links where he and his discpile (karim) use this argument over and over again, he needs new material and someone to help him with his manners…and his english. There are so chirstians who are great people to engage with in debates, but he is far from it.

  9. explorethetruth says:

    Asalaamu `alaikum wa-rahmatulahi wa-barakatu.

    This was clearly a disappointing defeat for CP and his advocates on Paltalk. Embarrassed and ashamed I would be if I just witnessed my virtual master get caned and whipped by a Muslim intellectual who remained tolerant and calm, yet direct throughout the “debate.” In fact, this genuine example of professionalism was demonstrated impeccably by Gomerozdubar.

    As many have already expressed in previous comments, one may question the type of match made in the Paltalk chatroom – the stark contrast in intellect between Gomerozdubar and Christian Prince should yield a level of concern for net-Christians, if you will, and who they take as their representatives in these kinds of discussions and debates.

    Thank you Ibn Anwar for providing a voice and text summary of the debate in such detail for our convenience. Wonderful job Mr. Gomerozdubar.


  10. scholar says:


    I am currently reading holy books of all faiths and I can say Islam is very deceiving. I have had debates. I believe in God yet follow no religion, do you understand? I have debates and no one is more harmful and useless than muslims, I learn nothing. What comes out of muslims mouths is to satisfy their ego than to give me answers… you understand? I have debated Christians they atleast tell me they dont know and come back to me, debated with rastafari, hinduism same thing. Islam no, and they twist plain texts from Hadith and Quran.

    I have a question for you people. A christian that turns to Islam usually goes back to christianity. A muslim turned christian NEVER goes back to islam again.. why?

  11. Ibn Anwar says:

    You’re not alone. I too read books on/of different religions. In fact, I’m a student of comparative religion. I think your assessmet of Muslims is unfair and biased. How can you label all Muslims with the same brush? I have been debating Christians for over 6 years both scholar and lay alike. In that course of time I’ve met many how shall I say, unintelligent persons…does that give me the right to label evry single Christian unintelligent? Why don’t you go to Zaytuna Institute at California..none of them over there speak egoistically to people. Talk to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf if you get the chance and if you are sincere of course : p.

    Whether a Muslim remains a Muslim or not that is entirely up to the individual as he has been given something called “free will”. I don’t see that as a stumbling block for Islam. How about we talk about Islam for a change instead of the people who follow it? Because if you wanna talk about the people, then I suggest you check out my posts on Christian pastors, reverends etc. and come back to me after you have.

  12. Suez says:

    Chicken prick is not a debater but a fraudster trying to convince people that his version of Islam is correct and everyone elses version is wrong.

    In order to do that he uses tricks…

    Trick 1 – The audience is predominantly english speaking – even some Muslims can’t read or speak fluent Arabic. So Chicken Prick gives links to Arabic websites in order to prove his claims, websites which most people can’t read in order to establish if Chicken Prick is telling the truth or not.

    Trick 2 – Chicken Prick cherry picks certain Qurans and it commentary which hasn’t been sanctioned or checked for accuracy by a body of Islamic Scholars before going to print. Chicken Prick then proceeds to use this information as a tool to bash Islam. Most Muslims and Christians are not aware that there are Quran translations out in the market that haven’t been verified by Scholars.

    Trick 3 – Chicken Prick is hell bent on red dotting you while you are in the middle of answering a question, then he proceeds to ask you another question on top of his first question – trick is to ask many questions as possible in 20 second intervals thus giving the impression that the Muslim hasn’t answered any questions because Islam does not have answers.

    He is nothing more than a headless chicken using tried and tested tricks to give the illusion that his version of Islam is right.
    His followers are well aware of the game he plays and they enjoy it.
    His main target audience are people who have nothing against Islam.

    He feeds of Muslims actually visiting his rooms trying to debate him. It is pointless as it will not prove anything and he will always employ dirty tactics. Muslims should avoid visiting his rooms, by doing so he will end up talking to himself and repeating the same rubbish, the numbers in his room will drop as it will no longer be entertaining or appealing – MUSLIMS WISEN UP.

  13. Isa says:

    SA..where is the debate i cant finde it .. i really want to listing to it

  14. mohammed Aiesh says:

    Its time for us to just ignore that stiupid christian prince, He have the aim to open a tv station. So muslims can call him and debate him. We muslims should just ignore this ignorent person.

    I think he get paid for bashing muslims, and decieve people.
    From zionist, its ironic how he always supporting israel and praising them. Beacuse he never make videos about christianity and how beutiful religion it is. As we muslims do.

    the website then he run is a very sophisticated and complicated, its impossible for him to do it by he his own. and the cartoon video that he made also impossible for him do it.

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