Dr. Anis Shorrosh ARRESTED for arson

 The Proud Arab Evangelit who took on Sheikh Ahmed Deedat r.a. is in jail

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13 Responses to “Dr. Anis Shorrosh ARRESTED for arson”

  1. James Clifton says:

    I do not trust this news report. I don’t know this man, but I can clearly tell that the news is presented in a slanted fashion. The Muslims are presented as honorable and all the threats on his life by Muslims are doubted in the story. This is clearly a Muslim news report and it is biased. Not worth taking seriously.

  2. Ibn Anwar says:

    Ya, sure..Christians do’t get arrested. They’re all a bunch of holy and perfect peple. Give me a break. Check out the youtube link below the video. It’ a news report aout the arrest on NBC 15 with Christian News casters. What a joke James.

  3. A loyal fan says:

    I never believe anything that I don’t like.

  4. Anwar says:

    Here it is in American News

  5. Ali says:

    It is such a shock to me, to see how ignorant people are. The TRUTH is infront of their eyes yet they dont believe it. What kind of people are these, when ever their idols (bashers of Islam) are exposed for who they are, excuses come out of their mouth faster then the speed of light.
    All people should see the type of man Anis Shorrish is, a lier, a deciver, and a criminal.

  6. Jenny says:

    I know Dr. Anis Shorrosh personally. We had a lot of discussions about his life and I can say that Dr. Shorrosh is an honorable man. We keep in touch often. He is NOT a liar, deceiver, or a criminal.

    Ali, you are the one being lied and deceived by Islam. I pray your eyes will be opened to the TRUTH. Anyone can conjure up fake info on someone and commit slander. People can do amazing things with technology today. Therefore, Ali, wake up and stop listening to lies.

    • Zayed Ahmed says:

      dear jenny

      what nonsense are u talking about…we are getting deceived…r u kiding…first of all i think you are christian and u claim thatthat christianity is the true religion…your answer is in the begining of this website…check out the verse:
      And they say,”None shall enter paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian.” These are their vain desires. Say:”Produce your proof if you are truthful.” (Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 111)
      christianity the name does not exists in the bible
      chritian the name doesn’t exist in the bible
      bible the name does not exist in the bible
      trinity the name does not eist in the bible
      Stop callin islam a deceived religion because a true thinking mind will laugh at your funny religion!which has no morality , decency , illogical stories…and you think jesus died for your sins and will save you…first of all he could not even save himself from the cross…and there is evidense that he did wantd to get killed because he was crying eloi eloi…now if he wanted to get killed than why would he cry eloi eloi? and more over u talk about w getting deceived by islam then i tell u that i would prefer to get deceived than accept christianity…the religion of the prostitutes , porn stars , hookers , gangstars , drug dealers etc…now you will say that we r terrorists but i will eply that terrorism is prohibited in islam and you can’t defile islam by that issue…well for one your chritianity corrupted our society..just look in this world with an open mind..take a sheet of paper and write what is good and bad…for e;g wine is harmful and it should not be consumed and it should come under bad catagory…and u cannot say wine should allowed with the word claiming that’s “freedom” and put it in the good catogory! and then see how low morality can urropt society..and any way i can’t explain everything here so i think it will be beter if i explain you through chatting..here’s my id ahmed_brooks@hotmail.com add me and i we want we can have a discussion and inshallah i will explain you?

  7. Ibn Anwar says:

    I’m afraid it is the other way round. You are the one who is deceived. You have the gaul to claim that Anis Shorrosh in honourable and not a liar and deceiver, yet you posted a comment under a video which clearly shows what kind of a liar he really is! http://unveilingchristianity.w.....omment-769 lol
    And the info about Anis Shorrosh being arrested is not fake. Nobody conjured it up to satisfy our whims. Proceed to the following article for the actual news report in America:

  8. tessa says:

    of course it is goign to be splattered by muslims…can’t you see that jsut from watching the video?

  9. torpedo says:

    May Allah guide shorrosh to the true path of Islam.

  10. Fanu says:

    After all this,writing books and and criticizing Islam. Quoting verses from the Quran and misinterpreting them. What came out came out of Shorrosh, his anger and frustation which affected him psychologically. Maybe for these reasons, he could not defeat Islam or maybe it was a curse due to criticizing Islam or may it was his guilt, he could not leave with, because he realized that he was trying to destroy a true religion.

    Poor guy went on a burning (arson) rampage taking his anger out on material things.

  11. Fanu says:

    He is most welcome in ISLAM. Looking at his situation, he needs peace …my suggestion to him just say the Shahada and his got peace.

  12. Muhammad fauzy says:

    It really went beautiful….u know i didn’t know that anis is behind bars, it was last night when i discovered this info….anyways all what i can say about this incident is that no truth is hidden from annis shorrosh, and several times he had been invited to simply say the SHAHADAH (e.g by our late sheikh Ahmed deedat in a debate) , and he refused it jst bcoz of his arrogance. So, though ppl like him deserve JAHANNAM i believe that he still have a chance to realize his mistakes and embrace ISLAM for this is his only and only way of salvation, for him an for all the people…. Peace be upon those who follow the true guidance of ISLAM.

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