is the Biblical Jesus Lucifer?


by Ibn Anwar

I hope the title is not too offensive to my Christian readers. It is merely a reflection of the understanding that I have gathered from the verses which I shall present in this brief article. I wish the readers a pleasant journey ;).

I’m sure you have heard Christians argue for Jesus’ divinity in light of “Before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58). What they do is that they try to link this statement purportedly uttered by Jesus to that uttered by God in Exodus 3:14, “God said to Moses,”I am who I am”. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am’ has sent me to you.'” I do not wish to get into a discussion and exegesis of these two verses. That is not the purpose of this article. What I will do in this case is apply “I agree with you for the sake of argument”. So let’s agree for a moment(for the sake of argument) that Jesus is God because he used the words “I am” which God used, that is, he equated himself with God. That is the logic which the Trinitarians use. Let us now apply the same logic with the following:

“King of Babylon, bright morning star, you have fallen from heaven! In the past you conquered nations, but now you have been thrown to the ground.”(Isaiah 14:12)

Everybody knows that the above is in reference to Lucifer. In fact, Lucifer means bright morning star, light-bearer, king of Babylon and Satan. Refer to the KJV Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon.

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give witness to you of these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and morning star.” (Revelations 22:16)

It is evident that “bright morning star” is an ascription used for Lucifer and in the above quotation we see Jesus using that same ascription for himself. So the conclusion is really quite simple. Jesus has equated himself with Lucifer. The Christians who equate Jesus with God by linking Exodus and John in the verses given earlier have no choice but to placate that Jesus is also the devil according to the Bible due to the verses in Isaiah and Revelations.

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  1. Ebrahim says:

    good job bro, the christians r digging their own grave by deciding to ‘expose’ Islam, LOL, i wish the ‘LUCIFER’ worshippers good luck, their stupid claims against islam only makes us work with more zeal towards finding problesm in the filthy corrupted book of theirs.

  2. david says:

    we all know that revalations reveals the triumph of jesus over lucifer during armagadon to tribulation therfore replacing the devils role of light bearer and the mornig star amongst other evils transformed to good this takes no scholar to figure out just a little ability to read good luck non beleivers time is near

  3. Ibn Anwar says:

    david..well that’s a good explanation for Christians…but not that good for non Christians…you see Lucifer is translated as light-bearer or morning star as is affirmed by several lexicons including the KJV Hebrew lexicon quoted in the article. If Jesus takes on the role of the light-bearer than that means he becomes Lucifer and we know that Lucifer is satan according to the Chrstian tradition. Further more, how is it that you say light bearer and morning star are evils? Isn’t God the bearer of light, nay the source of light and guidance? You see, morning star/light bearer in Isaiah 14 is a title and not simply an attribute applied specifically for Satan or Lucifer as how “I am” is said to apply specifically to “YHWH”…so for Revelations to apply that title which is specific to Lucifer for Jesus makes Jesus an equal to Lucifer i.e. Lucifer himself..we re merely pplying the logic Christians use for Ego Eimi in John and Eh heye in Exodus and then conclude Jesus claimed divinity since he used that which the Christians claim to be God’s title. So thanks for the explanation, but it doesn’t resolve the apparent problem.

  4. Mawardi says:

    Salam Ibn Anwar. Just to drop an anonymous’ blog which talks about you. Hehe. Click here.

  5. Ibn Anwar says:

    Jazakallah my Malaysian brother for bringing my attention to the linked article ;).

  6. Kite says:

    LOOOOOL!! Christians are so funny. Jesus never said “Iam God or worship me” and still christian still claim the Jesus is God JUST! because he says to the jews “IAM”.

    Now Jesus & SATAN! both hold the title of so-called “bright morning star” is that means Jesus is part of the unholy Trinity?! I dont think so (May God frogive me for saying that).

    thanks. this is good stuff and you have good eye to catch these stuff.

  7. ibnsaad says:

    lol i enjoyed this

  8. Dalvidos says:

    Interesting. what can also be noted is that the story of the three wise men it does not say the star was at night, meaning the star could have been in the day, or more accurately the morning. Although it is meere speculation this would justify this article quite well.

    Later in John 1:34 “And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God” effectively we are all sons and daughters of God, the same is true of angels, therefore John was simply stating the obvious. What this can tell us if nothin else is that God was not Jesus and that Lucifer again could possibly be him.

    Lucifer was sent to ‘hell’ after the creation of Adam and Eve so he could not have been the one that transformed into a serpent, or ‘Leviathan’ as it is known. This implies that corruption was created by god and if for no other reason God created corruption for his own enjoyment as “God created man in his own image” therefore it is credible that God would succumb to temptation and is curious, even though he created everything…

    Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Wanda Jane says:

    Courtesy of identitypublishers

    Jesus is certainly Lucifer THE Devil. But that is not because he said he is morning star which is the etymos of the term ‘Lucifer’. Jesus is Lucifer because he is the father of lies. He spoke nothing but lies. He is incredibily cunning and destructive yet he hold the ‘son of god’ and prince of peace’ title in the mind of the believers. The real truth about Jesus is published people are slowly but surely getting aware of the fact that Jesus the illegitimate son of Mary was the Devil born on earth.

  10. ibnsaad says:

    This is without a doubt my favourite post on this blog and I constantly use it :p

  11. Karen Tabler says:

    Who Is The Morning Star? Is the morning star in the bible JESUS or LUCIFER?
    In Isaiah 14:12 Lucifer is called the son of the morning. But Jesus is referred to as both the day star and morning star.

    Revelation 22:16 “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root [an ancestor] and the offspring [the blood descendant] of David, and the bright and morning star.”
    22:16 I, Jesus have sent my angel to testify these things – Primarily. To you – The seven angels of the churches; then to those churches – and afterwards to all other churches in succeeding ages. I – as the Mighty God, (the embodiment of the Word of God made flesh, the faithful and true witness). I Am the root – And source of David’s family and kingdom (assuring the Church of “the sure mercies of David”, secured to Israel); as man (David’s lord, yet David’s son), an descended from his loins (spiritual in vitro fertilization via miraculous power of God- insuring the blood line of David). I am the star out of Jacob, Num 24:17; like the bright morning star, who puts an end to the night of ignorance, and sin, and ushers in an eternal day of light, and purity.
    I am the morning star-that ushered in the day of grace in the beginning of this dispensation and that shall usher in the everlasting day of glory at its close. (Wesley Study Notes out of Context)

    Revelation 2:26-29 “And the (one) overcoming and the (one) keeping until (the) end the works of me, I (Jesus) will give him authority over the nations, and he will shepherd them with a staff of iron, as clay vessels, they are broken, as I also have received from the Father of me, and I will give him the morning star. He having an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”
    Jesus (The Morning Star – Mighty God – Embodiment of the Word of God )
    Anti-Christ (The Fallen Day Star – God Manifest – Evil Incarnate – Theocratic Terrorism)
    Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning “light-bearer”, that was used as a name for the “day star” or “morning star” that literally precedes the rising of the sun. Use of this name in reference to a fallen angel stems from a particular interpretation of Isaiah 14:3-20, a passage that speaks of someone who is given the name of “Day Star” or “Morning Star” (in Latin, Lucifer) as fallen from heaven (the sky).

  12. truthseeker says:

    So, I’ve been doing a bit of truth-seeking, and I found this website because I was wondering about the Islamic perspective, and I was wondering about Isaiah 14 and whether or not it could have referred to Jesus. I looked up “Morning Star” – and for a second I was starting to think so, right?

    But the thing is that if Isaiah 14 DOES equate Jesus with Lucifer, then that challenges the Quranic perspective too … since the Quran calls him a Word from God held in honour in this world and the hereafter, in the company of the righteous (3:34-58), and people are supposed to “fear God and obey me [Jesus]” (Surah 43: 63-65) I don’t see how Jesus can have the place he has in the Quran, if he is the fulfillment of Isaiah 14. I mean, if Jesus is equated with Lucifer, then he can’t exactly be a holy prophet. I think that the Quran would have made that clear, too, and set itself apart from Him and said that Allah didn’t want anything to do with him at all.

    The more I’m learning – the more I’m back down to that old C.S. Lewis logic complex …. either He was who it says he is, or he’s a demon from the pit of Hell — in which case I would have to be a Jew, not a Muslim.

    But if I’m a Jew then there’s still the problem of Jesus.
    He’s a little bit hard to ignore.

    Anyway, I keep trying to throw Him out of the picture, and its still not working. Inconvenient, hey?

    • abu ismail jaafar says:

      “either He was who it says he is, or he’s a demon from the pit of Hell”

      This is exactly the problem as Muslims see it… “he” (Jesus) does not say who “he” is in the Bible, because the Bible does not contain “his” words exactly as “he” said them.

      Care to give us an example of how supposedly “he” said who “he” is as “he” said it originally, with trustworthy evidence to trace the said words back to “him”?

      But a man was sent as a Prophet 600 years after him by the same God who sent him, claiming to teach the very same things he originally taught. If we only have his words (again, as “he” said it originally, with trustworthy evidence to trace the said words back to “him”), we could verify or disprove this Prophet! Fortunately, this Prophet’s teachings prove themselves to be from God.

      Thus, you need not choose between Jesus being God or being a demon! Rather, we can say, Christians claim he is God, Jews claim he is demonic, but God says he is a Prophet. Either he is what God says he is, or the Christians and the Jews are lying in what they claim of him.

  13. The Bull says:

    The key to understanding Jesus’ statement in John 8:58 is in the next verse (59): ‘Then took they up stones to cast at him’. The only reason they did this was because they understood Jesus was claiming he was God. We should also. There is no other reason under the Law for stoning him.

    • Ibn Anwar says:

      That reaction in John 8 makes no sense according to the gospel itself since it says in 18:31 that the same group of people says that they do not have the right to execute which is why they brought Jesus to Pilate. Try again.

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