John Fraiser M.Div Abandons Ship!!! Yet another Deleting Christian blogger!

Unveiling Blogger John Fraiser M.Div

  About 10 days ago a certain John Fraiser dropped by the blog and commented on three posts on Unveiling Christianity. I responded to all three to which he replied to only one. You may follow the discussion between John and me here. His comment was actually on this video but he posted it on the wrong post. I responded to that comment of his and he in turn replied with a rather lengthy reply which forced me to open a new post just for that. So on that new post I responded to each of the points he brought up. You may check out the discussion here. That response of mine was posted on the 29th of April, 2008. I waited for about 5 days from the said date with much anticipation for some feedback from Mr. John Fraiser, but to no avail. Finally, I decided to invite him to come back to Unveiling Christianity by commenting on his blog and inviting him back here to continue the discussion. You know what happened to my invitation? It was deleted! I said to myself, ” it’s okay, let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there’s been some technical hiccup”. So, in good will I posted yet another invitation today:



 And the following shows the DELETION! :


It appears John Fraiser wants the discussion to end i.e. his ship has sunk or he’s jumped overboard. John reminds me of another Christian who acted in almost the same manner. This Christian was no other than Pastor Carrey who also abandoned ship!

By the way, you must be asking who this John Fraiser is. Well, in his own words :

“I recently graduated with my M.Div from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and barring a good score on the GRE, I’ll pursue a M.A. in philosophy. If all goes well I’ll earn a Ph.D. in philosophy and begin to teach and write in the area of philosophy and Christian apologetics.”

Is he doing a good job at it? I leave that for the readers to decide.

You may visit John Fraiser at his blog

I wonder how deleting my comments and refusing to dialogue in such a manner correspondswith the following scriptual command?

“…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”(1st Peter 3:15)

*** Please check out the discussion which led John Fraiser to abandon ship : 

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2 Responses to “John Fraiser M.Div Abandons Ship!!! Yet another Deleting Christian blogger!”

  1. Fraiser says:

    I have not “abandoned ship.” I simply have been too busy to give time to your comments. I will respond but you’ll just have to be patient. The reason I deleted your comments is because my blog is meant for conversation on issues that I, the blogger, write about. The comments you left had nothing to do with the post they were under (at least I apologized when I did that on your blog). My blog does not exist for you to tell me when you’ve responded to my comment on your blog and it does not exist for you to query as to why I deleted your comments. I delete any comment that doesn’t have to do with the post (or if someone has commented on the wrong post, I simply move it to the correct location).

    I’m not sure what your current post has to do with “unveiling Christianity”. As I’ve pointed out before, you attack Christianity with a lot of ad hominems. And if attacking me doesn’t have anything to do with the stated objectives of your blog, then why bring me up on here.

    I will respond to your last comment of substance (which nothing in this post classifes as) by weeks end. Until then, work on resisting your temptation to criticize Christianity with ad hominems. Christians can do that with Islam till the stars fall and none of it furthers worthwhile discussion.

  2. Ibn Anwar says:

    Well..finally, at long last…the prodigal son returns. You said you have not “abandoned ship” but rather you’ve been too busy to give time to my comments. Oh really? You have no time to respond to my comments which is an obligation laid on you according to 1st Peter 3:15, yet have sufficient time to give no less than 3 responses under your “Was Christ Forsaken by His Father” with 59 lines of words in all and an entire post called “There’s Humor in Theology 24” ? Ever heard of the saying when there’s a will there’s a way? Surely, reasonably speaking if you have time to compose a whole brief essay of 59 words along with a new post in the span of time I waited for a response from you, you would have been able to give some sort of feedback. I respect the way you govern your blog, but is it chivalrous to just delete away my invitation to you and ignore me for several days and only return when I composed the article which exposes your seemingly “cowardly” behaviour? The exact same thing happened with Pastor Carrey..had I not put to writing what was transpiring, everything would have gone by without notice. Now that I’ve caught your attention, I hope we can further the discussion. There is no need to analyse my “ad hominems” when as I have illustrated to you, your saviour Jesus was a skillfully adept at it. So please..stop beating around the bush and let’s discuss. And I am still waiting for your response as to why you chose to question the video post on the Catholic Priest which I alleged to be racist but not on those articles which deny and question Jesus’ divinity? It is evident that the latter is of more importance and significance, thus again I invoke 1st Peter 3:15 and demand that you provide clarifications lest you be seen as incompetent by the readers. Thank you.

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