VenomFangX Unveiled

VenomFangX is perhaps one of the youngest and most vile Christian missionaries on youtube. Even his name tell volumes….the following are some clips of VenomFangX from youtube. Enjoy…

VenomFangX caught plagiarising!


VenomFangX begs for money from gulliable viewers.

More videos of missionary VenomFangX to come!

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56 Responses to “VenomFangX Unveiled”

  1. Jono says:

    Hey, this is an excellent movie, and I was wondering if you would like to use this to kick VenomfangX off the internet, because he just committed plagerism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick says:

      Venomfangx is no longer on youtube, his account is closed. As for his this is what you now get.

      This site has been taken offline by the parents of VenomFangX, they don’t support/share his views and apologize if he has offended anyone. This site will be offline for good in 3 days.

      Mom and Dad have had it with this idiot!

  2. Ibn Anwar says:

    Assalamu’alaikum and Greetings,
    It has come to my attention that several of VenomFangX’s fans are trying to defend the above plagiarism committed by VenomFangX by arguing that Kent Hovind’s materials and speeches are not copyrighted. The weakness of this argument lies in the fact that they the defenders fail to see that plagiarism does not only mean copying copyrighted works without permission but rather copying anything copyrighted or otherwise and then presenting it in a manner whereby the unwary would think that that’s the copier’s own work. In short, it is the absence of giving credit to whom it is due. explains plagiarism thus:


    1. a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work
    2. the act of plagiarizing; taking someone’s words or ideas as if they were your own

    WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.

    Merriam-webster’s Online dictionary explains it thus:


    Main Entry:
    pla·gia·rize Listen to the pronunciation of plagiarize
    ˈplā-jə-ˌrīz also -jē-ə-
    Inflected Form(s):
    pla·gia·rized; pla·gia·riz·ing

    transitive verb : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source intransitive verb : to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source
    — pla·gia·riz·er noun

    When we see the video clear of bias “blinkers” we can see that VenomFangX did indeed attempt to make it seem that he’s conveying his own words and thoughts. In addition, he failed to credit Kent Hovind for the materials he used which is basically A to Z. So yes, like it or not Venom did commit plagiarism.

  3. Angela says:

    Venomfangx is completely correct in his beliefs. The Bible is true-make no doubt about that. And on judgement day you will bow before the Lord Jesus Christ and call Him Lord.

    • Jim Gardner says:

      No I won’t. And neither will you.

    • ZR0 says:

      If judgement day never arrives you will realize how much u’ve wasted following a religion made by conmen!
      I could be wrong, but i live my life one day at a time and will not follow someone elses beliefs. I can think for myself!

  4. Ibn Anwar says:

    Greetings Angela,
    Thank you for dropping by. Jesus said,”On that day many shall come unto me and call me Lord Lord, did we not prophesy in thy name, cast out devils in thy name and did many mighty works in thy name? Then shall I profess unto them I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME YE PEOPLE OF INIQUITY.”

  5. Mox says:

    I’m pretty sure VenomfangX’s username is derived from the video game ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’, not from anything biblical or related to what he’s presenting. He’s still a loon, though.

  6. billy says:

    I have watched the Hovind videos, and he says several times that his work is not under copyright and that anyone may use them.

  7. neelo says:

    Who cares if its not copyrighted? The point is 1. he can’t think for himself, and has to regurgitate VERBATIM what another equally misguided creationist has to say, and 2. he didn’t even give credit to the original author, which would have been the noble thing to do. Instead he wants the viewers to believe that this material is his own, so he can appear to understand what he is talking about, when in reality he seems bat shit insane.

    This guy intentionally spreads misinformation. There is no excuse for defending that.

  8. Blackstar says:

    I’m not worried about Venoms youtube name. I’m not even overly fussed that he has been caught plagiarising.
    What deeply concerns me is that in his everyday life this loon is most likely spouting his propoganda to innocent children whenever the chance arises.
    I’m speaking from experience. I myself was a victim of such religious dogma as a child and it screwed with me for years. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge Venom too harshly as it’s more than likely he was exposed to similar brainwashing as a child. If that’s the case I pity him as it has obviously really messed with his head.

    • Anton says:

      people use need to remember venomfangx is Jewish he was raised by not believing in Jesus and now he does through experience, ther are many people that go through this.. another interesting guy is walid shoebat he was muslim and converted, both religions denying Christ.. why did they convert? they had an experience which transcended them out of this world.. yea people lose faith and become athiests but thats because they just never had an experience.. when u have an experience its very hard to turn it down and these two guys went through that and now Jesus is their life just like many people in the world. Dont forget God works in mysterious ways and can change ur life instantly.

      • ZR0 says:

        In my experience i found out that god does’nt change anything. He made the universe and is letting it run its course. If god truly had any influence in the world i think it would be a better place with much less suffering and hate.

  9. Blackstar says:

    Ok, I take it back. In my last post I mentioned I may have been too harsh on VenomFangX. But I just went and watched some more of his videos. Sorry, but this guy is a freak. Actually creepy. I can actually imagine him with a gun ‘killing for Jesus’ or something.
    I mean, I had the same Christian mule dung forced down my throat as a child but I still managed to use my brain to break free you know?
    Venom is not unintelligent but there’s something clearly not right with this guy. And it seriously is disturbing. Scary.
    I know it’s a long shot, but I’m kind of getting a vibe he might be gay too. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Except if you’re Christian.

  10. Chaise says:

    Look people, they origional auther says that anyone can use his work.
    He has his permission, so leave him alone.
    You are all just trying to prove that this guy is a hipocrat so you don’t have to be accountable for your sins. You all know that he is right, and you don’t want to go to Hell so…Your just in denial.
    I hope you people realize that.

  11. Ibn Anwar says:

    Chaise, it does not matter whether the original author says anyone can use his work or obviously, do not know how copyright works. Let me try to explain this in simple terms for you and others like you. If I wrote a book and I add a disclaimer,”anyone can use my writing, no permission for reproduction is required”. What I have done is waived away the law which would require a person to ask for my or my publisher’s permission to reproduce my work. What it does not do however, is allow someone to use it and make it appear as if it’s his work. If a student uses that writing of mine in his academic essay and does not credit it to me, it will be regarded as PLAGIARISM regardless of whether there is copyrighted or not. Let’s leave out the issue of who’s going to hell and who isn’t to God shall we? I challenge you as a Christian to respond to any of the articles there are on this blog..

  12. David says:

    crock of shit, and will be erased from the internet.

  13. anon. says:

    Oooooooooh plagiarism… he’s gonna get an “f” on his paper.

  14. jujuberry says:

    I’ve actually debated several times with him on youtube, and several times he has stopped replying to me, and recently I’ve sent him something and have yet to get an answer (it’s been a week or so). He doesn’t seem to have any clue of any intelligent ideas beyond the bible (if the bible can so be called), and really can’t debate with non-evolutionary atheists like myself.

  15. Wade Seagrave says:

    I don’t think the original creator of this would mind it one bit because they’re spreading the word of God and saving souls which is a whole lot more important than worrying about having to create new material to re-cap the same thing over and over.

    I think it’s perfect legitimate reasoning for him to do it whether he made it or not.

  16. danohrly says:

    jujuberry; I think he’s blocked you mate

  17. Twin-Skies says:


    It’s because of bible-thumping, dogmatic fools like VenomfangX that the Christian community as a whole it getting such a bad rap. Please don’t judge the rest of us because of him – every family has its share of black sheep.

  18. cxjiek says:

    replying to 4. Ibn Anwar

    That verse means that WORKS CANNOT GET YOU TO HEAVEN. Only by Jesus’ sacrifice.

    ”On that day many shall come unto me and call me Lord Lord, did we not prophesy in thy name, cast out devils in thy name and did many mighty works in thy name? Then shall I profess unto them I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME YE PEOPLE OF INIQUITY.”

  19. Sis says:

    excuse you twin skies. But I believe every Christian SHOULD be like venomfangx. We are a salt to the world, and if you’re lukewarm or a false convert, you should make sure about that before you fall under a false sense of security. And it’s unbelievable to what lengths some of these atheists will go to. They’re just grasping at straws now.

  20. IKnowThings says:

    does anyone know where he lives?
    anyone remember that experiment about the 6 degrees of seperation?
    a scientist sent letters to people with the instruction to sign and forward to as many ppl as possible, just to see the web of relationships and how if you use it correctly, after 6 forwards, I could theoretically get a letter to Brad Pit.
    VFX is a moron, but of late I find myself wondering where he is from.
    thx, and RAMEN

  21. Rickson Menezes says:

    Hello Ibn,
    In that cdse here are my comments again, Now I guess you will have to insert them manually into the webpage:



    It is only plagiarism if he in a concerted way deprived the author of his due credit thinking that no one would know. I find this hard to accept in today’s world of Web 2.0 where everyone keeps tabs on everyone and if anyone wishes to make a video, will be under the microscope. Before judging him and discrediting everything by just calling him a plagiarist, why don’t you comment on the quality of the work he has allegedly lifted, that he lifted is just something everyone want to get back at him for which is typical of -Practice before you Preach!
    What we fail to realize is that if it slipped his memory to be prudent and informed enough to ensure that he fills in the necessary credit then he is not to blame, subjectively. He is to be blamed objectively. The object is what is it is, lifted content. But I am not sure if is totally the subject of his action if he did not ‘choose’ to plagiarize which only he will know (Did anyone ask him irrespective of whether he will dishonestly defend himself or come out with the truth) as an account of his own conscience. Like Aristotle said, It is not a virtue if you don’t choose the virtue. This doesn’t vindicate Venomfangx however, he has to take responsibility of the objective truth. Like someone who is rammed under my car for no fault of mine, although the dead child is not the subject of my action, He still lies there, dead. He is the object of my action, a dead child, the objective truth and to take reponsibility for the act, i may not be convicted by murder but homicide not amounting to murder. So I am in no way trying to defend VenomFangX but only with compassion can we understand a person, not by judgement which all of you have done pretty well, I guess We don’t need God after all like Ibn Anwar tells Chaise (Leave God out of it)

    Also Nice going Ibn Anwar qouting Christ from the Bible Matthew 7:21 OUT OF CONTEXT. When Angela mentioned in ‘3’ that we will be subject to judgment, she meant in a general way as that we are answerable to God for everything. You go on to qoute out of context that Christ will reject us, saying he doesn’t know us. Did you read the verse before it and after? Do you know what Christ meant by saying ‘Not everyone’? Or did you just paste is as it served your purpose to shut people by giving them an ‘apparent’ dose of their own medicine? Christ very well knew some people will show their immense faith in him by praying rigorously but not showing their faith through their works (Catholic doctrine of Redemption-Justification by Grace). He knew such people who pray but do not let that prayer and so-called piety reflect in their lives and people they live with will be aghast when christ is indifferent to their appeal, but christ will remind them, not everyone who says lord lord will be saved. Christ knew it is easy to love him but difficult to show that same love by rising above our ‘tainted’ human nature and letting that love for him triumph, manifest and be a testimony to him and his own love.
    So now i come to my question, did you know this and still try to dismiss Angela? If yes then Why are you first not removing the log out of your own eye before VenomFangX’s. If you did not know well, you now know what you tried to do by just trying to win an arugment, exploiting of all things, Christ’s words.

    Rickson Menezes.

  22. Ibn Anwar says:

    Thank you for the comments Rick. You said,
    Also Nice going Ibn Anwar qouting Christ from the Bible Matthew 7:21 OUT OF CONTEXT. When Angela mentioned in ‘3′ that we will be subject to judgment, she meant in a general way as that we are answerable to God for everything. You go on to qoute out of context that Christ will reject us, saying he doesn’t know us. Did you read the verse before it and after? Do you know what Christ meant by saying ‘Not everyone’?

    My Response
    How did I quote it out of context in what you put as my attempt to show that Jesus will reject the whole lot of you? I believe, all I did was and I quote :
    Greetings Angela,
    Thank you for dropping by. Jesus said,”On that day many shall come unto me and call me Lord Lord, did we not prophesy in thy name, cast out devils in thy name and did many mighty works in thy name? Then shall I profess unto them I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME YE PEOPLE OF INIQUITY.”
    I merely quoted the verse and did not add any supplementary comments or interpretation on it. Whatever it really means, that’s up to the readers to find out. But in context it still shows that Jesus is speaking about Christians. After all, they are the only ones who call Jesus Lord. Now this would be a commentary on that verse. Anyway having read your Bible and having access to all the major versions, I think it is safe to say that yes, I have read the verses before and after it.

    Or did you just paste is as it served your purpose to shut people by giving them an ‘apparent’ dose of their own medicine? Christ very well knew some people will show their immense faith in him by praying rigorously but not showing their faith through their works (Catholic doctrine of Redemption-Justification by Grace).

    My Response
    Well now, that’s your view and interpretation. The other day I got a comment from a protestant who said that it’s talkng about Jesus rejecting those who think “their works” can save them. Now you’re tellng me an opposite view to that. Lol…see how many different interpretations abound in Christianity? So please, do not try to impose yours on anyone. That is what the text says, whether it speaks of Jesus’ rejection of those who think their works can save them or that he will reject those who believe but do not do works, the important fact to note is that it is directed to Christians and no one else.

  23. Harry Pothead says:

    He claims to have been an atheist from a jewish background for most of his life. I have to wonder if he’s telling the truth, because in the same video he says he got kicked out of hebrew school for “preaching that we came from monkeys.” Considering that all the major jewish branches have long reconciled with evolution, I think he’s bullshitting on some level. If he did actually go and get kicked out, it was probably for something else.

    Venomfangx is just your typical retarded dishonest creationist.

  24. khng phm says:

    i kind of like what this guy has to say, because it’s logical. i’m not being biased or anything, but just because you disagree with him and/or don’t like him, why is he retarded and dishonest? he’s simply just sharing his belief. just because we have differing logic doesn’t mean we’re stupid. we can simply choose not to believe whatever we please. we have choices in what we want to believe. is he brainwashing people? no. you have a choice to believe what he has to say or you can disagree with everything he has to say. no biggie. atheists choose not to believe in God, christians, catholics, jews, and islamic people, and etc. do. be respectful and mature.

  25. Chris says:

    I will admit i loved this video shawn did, but i didn’t know he copied it. I don’t really find it a problem or look at it as a bad thing though, first off im pretty sure i heard that Kent Hovind doesn’t care if you copy what he says. Someone who really cares about the subject they are talking about isn’t going to care if people copy them, they want their words spread. Secondly He says it better LOL in my opinion not to mention ALOT of people watch his video’s so there are definitely people who take their time to hear what he has to say, you cant deny that. I love shawn, it doesn’t matter if people watch him because they love him and what he has to say, or watch him because they dislike him. He still gets his word out.

    Love you shawn…keep up the good work!

  26. Aslanspal says:

    I don’t know about you but I have left a comment on his latest video about atheist strawmen and I think he censored it and it appears as if he picks and chooses what comments get on his video comments…heavy handed, but perhaps it will show up.

    Another question how in the hell does he have that many subscribers that is what is really scary.?

  27. Twin-Skies says:


    Two theories regarding the large number subscribers:

    1. Mainly guys who want to start their day off with a good laugh.
    2. Guys who need an adrenaline rush, and watch his videos to intentionally piss themselves off.
    3. Fellow Christian Fundies with IQs lower than or about equal to VFX.

  28. Twin-Skies says:


    Correction, make that THREE theories

  29. kimba says:

    who cares that he is plagiarizing, he is gathering information and leading lives to Jesus and that’s what counts. I actually think that he was smart creating it.

  30. Ibn Anwar says:

    Thank you for admitting that you can lie when propagating Christianity, Kimba. ; )

  31. Stan Fitz says:

    People like venom must be some of the biggest tools of Satan. They do his will by making true Christians look like the most ignorant people on this planet. Believing that the world is only 6000 years old is stumbling people. The Bible clearly says that God’s days are different than ours. The six days mentioned in the Bible are for the preparation of the SURFACE of Earth for habitation of life. And these are not 24 hour days. Believing in Creationism is the same as when Christendom believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. The Bible doesn’t say this. False Christians have opened the door to other false religions such as Mormonism and Islam. Jesus did warn of the apostasy to come. Of course this began only a few hundred years after the death of the Apostles.

  32. Ali says:

    Stan fitz,
    I would love for you to prove how islam is a fale religio,
    you make alot of claims with little proof.
    I mean you come on a islamic expect this type of question

  33. kilroydacat says:

    this plagiarism argument is quite funny to me. Does any one pay attention to the news Kent Hovind is in prison for being a crook. Then again VFX lies lies lies lies lies and then lies some more… then keeps up the lie so it doesnt look like he can keep his story straight. would a true christian do this? his buddy jesusfreek was honest which I deeply respect.

    actually im tired of this US vs THEM mentality. its really annoying I cant be a dem. with out being a liberal, I cant be a Rep. with out being a conservative. just back and forth back and forth. cant we just agree that FSM has a point and science should be taught in science class rooms and religion taught in church?

  34. jeff says:

    thats all they could nab him on is “plagiarism?”
    none of you are any better for all your endless stereotypes.

    no one is here with any good arguments against him

  35. ralf says:

    he’s young. maybe he was trying to use some material to support some of his beliefs and findings.
    i don’t see what else they had against him?

    everyone here just seems to be angry, bitter god-haters. nothing constructive about that.

  36. Ibn Anwar says:

    Greetings to Jeff aka Ralf,
    Sir, you speak of being “constructive”. Perhaps, we can begin a constructive dialogue with some honesty? Your bad cop good cop Pink Panther like routine amuses me. You think you wouldn’t get caught lying? Jeff you are Ralf! You think by using two different e-mail addresses i.e. [email protected] for ur first nick Jeff and [email protected] for ur nick Ralf you could fool the system? Your IP address is registered mister lol. It’s for both nicks which clearly indicates that it’s the same guy. Is this what you do, si? When you are bankrupt of rational arguments you resort to deceit? I feel sorry for you. Grow up.

    Ibn Anwar

  37. Kilroydacat says:

    HAHAHAHA good one Ibn Anwar!!! many lols to you sir!

  38. Genu says:

    @Ibn Anwar

    I read a few of your posts, and you may claim to have read the whole bible back and forth, but that doesn’t mean you know it. Few things to keep in mind:

    1) The Bible is absolute. It is not relative, like you claim it is. It applies to everyone, not just Christians. The verse you have quoted, like you said, is obviously directed toward christians, and reading the whole chapter demonstrates that. Of course a non believer will not try to convince Jesus that they performed miracles in his name…On the other hand, however, every person on this planet will be subject to the same criteria, that only through Jesus will anyone go to the Father.

    2) The core of the bible is also absolute. This means that most teachings are not subject to religious interpretation. Very few sections, however, are sometimes interpreted in different ways.

  39. Ibn Anwar says:

    You must be referring to Matthew 7:21. Thank you for affirming that the text is directed as Christians! Herein lies the problem. Let us read the following:
    “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”(Mark 16:16)
    “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)

    In the above two verses it says that WHOEVER or anyone who believes will be saved. Yet, in Matthew 7:21 we read that these are the same people who Jesus will deny and reject. Amazing discrepency! : p

    It is quite amazing that you claim that I do not know the Bible. You claim that most teachings are not subject to religious interpretations and very few sections are interpreted in different ways. Either you don’t know what you’re talking about or you think that I am some amateur who have not really studied. Allow me to inform you now that I have been corresponding and discussing religious issues pertaining to the text of the Bible with literally hundreds of Christians of numerous backgrounds and denominations. Throughout my experience I have come across so many variances in the understanding of numerous texts of both the Old and New Testaments. Consider the two major churches, Catholocism and Protestanism. If you have any knowledge about them you will know that their take of the texts differ distinctly not just in a few but in NUMEROUS different texts. That is only the two major churches. We have not yet counted the other denominations such as the Maronite, the Coptic, The Syriac, the Orthodox etc. and those denominations that are accused of “heresy” such as the Jesus Only movement, the 7th Day Adventist, the JW, Unitarianism, Sebellianism and Monarchanism etc. all of which have totally different comprehensions of many many texts of the Old and New Testamanets. In fact, even their Canons differ! Who has the right interpretation and who has the “absolute truth” as you put it? Who has the Spirit? It is amusing that you say that I do not know the Bible when it is clearly your Christian brethren who do not. Have a look at the dialogues I have had which are recorded on this blog with godferoi, conway, george, John Fraiser M.Div, Pastor Carrey and many others. They have all criticised my writings and have all eventually fled when cornered lol.

  40. Ibn Anwar says:

    “Thank you for affirming that the text is directed as Christians!”
    Sorry, that was a typo. I meant “directed to Christians!”

  41. Genu says:

    ….im sorry i can debate you for days if not months in these comments about your every concern, but we both know it will lead no where. You biblical interpretations are what you want them to be, or else you wouldn’t put them on this site. If I knew you personally, I would sit down with you and address all of your questions….so I recommend that you seek to find answers from Christian persons in you local area who know the word of God, rather than talk to any one person online who calls themselves Christian, and draw you conclusion.

    and FYI, there is only one contradiction in the bible, which is actually just a typo in the English translation. I’ll let you figure out where it is…I’ll be praying for you

  42. Steve says:

    VFX IS duping people because he e-begged for $ on youtube (on Apr 1’09) saying that “anything over $500/m goes to Sick Kids Hospital”. Since posting the vid he changed his stated intentions 3 times on his website, plus has refused the transparency he promised. He is in breach of a verbal contract, and has documented his intentions to misappropriate the funds under his revisions, despite his video promise. I reported him (in considerable detail) to the hospital, CRA and Toronto Police, along with his name address & tel number.

  43. Steve says:

    If VFX really intended to keep only the first $500 per month, he would have posted a vid or wrote on his website that the 500 has been reached, so no further donations required. Instead he has repeatedly changed his story about how he will allocate the $, and says that he cannot be transparent because of “atheist ferocity”!
    He is a defrauding scammer, on his way to being another Popoff or Hinn, who live off the meager savings of the desperate, the feeble-minded and the ignorant. SHAMELESS

  44. truthspeaker12 says:

    this venom is a joke, he approves the comments on his videos and only publishes the ones idiot christians praising him. so far the few debates he held with muslims, he got blasted in each of them.

  45. Jim Gardner says:

    Some may be already aware of this, but for those who don’t know, VFX was today forced to remove his YouTube account and delete his website. It would appear that this was done on legal advice following his more recent attempts, in videos he posted to YouTube, to secure cash donations to his “Ministry” via a PayPal bank account, that he did not register as a charity, as obligated under Canadian tax laws.

    It seems that this has landed him in a considerable amount of trouble, not least with his parents, who have posted a message on his website, simply saying, “This site has been taken offline by the parents of VenomFangX, they don’t support/share his views and apologize if he has offended anyone. This site will be offline for good in 3 days.”

    Screen-shot and more info:

    There are also suggestions floating around, not least because of a video posted to VFX’s YouTube account shortly before it was removed, that his family had received specific death threats from, quote, “Muslims”. In true VFX style he presents no proof of this—and although it can’t be ruled out as the reason he has been forced into retreat, it is interesting to note that inconsistencies in his accounting for how these occasionally large cash donations would be spent had troubled several YouTube users who reported their concerns to the Canadian authorities several weeks prior to VFX’s voluntary account deletion.

    VFX also posted a series of videos recently in which he ridiculed Islamic students on camera for not being able to provide a reason for their belief that Jesus was an important Muslim prophet—despite that he himself had never once risen to the challenge to provide a single article of evidence to support his wildly inaccurate assertions on matters of basic scientific methodology—such as radiocarbon dating of fossils and the principal of maximum entropy.

    I personally hope that, if there is any truth to his claim of death threats, that the authorities are able to protect him and his family. And that this will serve as a warning to him of what happens to people who are wilfully deceitful. Maybe one day he might learn to use his clear exuberance for his faith in a way which promotes understanding and critical thinking, rather than division and belligerent trading on fear. I rather suspect, however, this is asking too much of someone who once asserted that babies sick with cancer, lacked the right kind of faith in his particularly obscure interpretation of a 2000 year old book, plagiarised from Pagan astrology myths.

  46. tim says:

    i love god 🙂

  47. JustATuber says:

    Lying for Jesus and Gateway Drugs

    All liars for Jesus start out by experimenting small and innocent lies… some decide to try lying for Jesus due to peer pressure at Church, some have problems and they think that a quick lie for Jesus can solve them, but often it just leads them down on a path of delusional self-destruction.

    Initially they might only lie for irrational things like:
    The Earth is 6000 years old, Adam saddle-backed a Velociraptor or that Neanderthals are just old people with Parkinson’s disease.

    Soon the urge to lie starts taking control of the person’s life, they can no longer hide their addiction and they start doing it in public: Ted Haggard rode his addiction all the way to the top of a Mega Church, Kent Hovind’s main line was that public schools shouldn’t use his tax money to teach a lie, while VenomFangX just did it to buy a bat mobile to go along with his batman suit.

    The addiction takes a hold of the person’s life and they become extremely disillusioned and desperate in their attempt to hide their lies: VenomFangX filed false DMCA’s and set up a fake sick Children charity drive in order to support his addiction; Kent Hovind was so upset about the government using his tax money to teach Evolution that he refused to pay taxes; Ted Haggard on the other hand did what any desperate man would do for a fix: smoke meth and suck d**k.

    VenomFangX lost all his dignity and had to apologize to the Internets, Kent Hovind got 10-years-in jail, and Ted Haggard went back in the closet!

    Kids, remember: Lying for Jesus is bad, m’kay?

  48. JR says:

    My favorite clip is where he says “People often ask me…”. No one ever asked him anything of the kind. I seriously doubt if anyone even asked Hovind. There is a reason why Wikipedia defines such phrases as “weasel words”.

    Has he committed Plagiarism by the dictionary definition? Sure. His performance is disingenuous at best and bordering on dishonest most of the time.

    Has he committed Plagiarism by the legal definition – I am not a lawyer, but I expect not. Good old Kent was very explicit in opening up the material for re-use.

    If that were not the case I would think that it qualifies as a derivative work. He redid all of K.H.’s graphics – but with all of the same words, emphasis and similar imagery – so he did NOT in fact ADD VALUE to it – other than no longer having the monologue performed by a felon convicted of Fraud.

    There was some scuttlebutt about VenomFangX/PCS/Shaun/Shawn K (of Toronto) getting fired from a job at a video store for using company time &/or materials to make/copy/distribute “materials from his ministry” in the store.

    Having seen this – It appears that he duplicated the materials of a convicted con-man and was attempting to use them to begin following in his footsteps. One can only guess that was the material that he was distributing. I wonder if he found the original in the store he worked in? i.e. Did he even pay Hovind for his source copy?

    I honestly feel sad for his parents for being embarrassed and burdened in this way. From what I understand PCS is >18. I do not understand the Canadian legal system or the implications in this situation but no matter what it must be very hard for them.

    Sure it could be argued that they bear some responsibility in raising their child correctly but looking back at all of the hate-speech or at least the vicious rhetoric & innuendo, the falsified DMCA claims, the vote-bot attacks, the forced apology, and then ultimately the dubious practices of setting up an unregistered charity for personal gain – how far behind the curve were they by the time they started to catch on to what was living under their very tasteful and well-to-do roof? I would not want to be in their shoes.

    I read thus far unsubstantiated rumors that the charity angle might have been his personal response to their urging him to get a job. What that has to do with the aforementioned video store job I do not know nor care to speculate further.

    It has been publicly stated by both his parents and himself that they do not share his religious views.

    If I might be cynical, I think in the end it will be shown that “The Experience” that ‘converted’ him to Christianity was the approval and awe afforded to his sermons by True Believers. True Believers are commonly exploited by con-men because they Want to Believe what you are telling them rather than having to Think about it. This is a common attribute of religious zealots, of which there is apparently no shortage in the USA.

    In the end – ultimately – who cares what some 18-19 year old punk ‘Believes’ anyway? He is not an Authority on anything except perhaps the collective works of Kent Hovind. He is not ordained, he has not earned a degree in theology nor demonstrated the abilities commensurate to someone of that level of affluence. How seriously can you take comments about religion and reality made by someone calling themselves “VenomFangX”?

    People only cared because he was popular on YouTube. That made the medieval ideas that he was spouting threatening in some way. I am glad that the internet community that he was exploiting as a pulpit reacted in kind to counter every ill-conceived argument and tactic that he employed. I am saddened that it needed to happen, but I seriously doubt that this is the last of this sort of phenomenon that we will see.

    – Jon Rohr

  49. roco says:

    venom fang x is a christian bum who begs for money


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