The US Military Targets Children

 U.S. Military Targets Children


Have you noticed the U.s. Military selling our schoolchildren Murder? It’s one thing for adults to be exposed to adult content, but when they openly sell their lies to school kids and run repeated ads on cartoon channels, I’ve come to realize how manipulated the masses can truly be. This should never have been allowed and it’s time to stop this threat to those who still posses some degree of morality.

The Defense Department’s release last year confessed to over 100,000 innocent casualties (majority of women and children) in Iraq, and communities in America still allow these hooligans to market to our children. These similar numbers were confirmed in the British Medical Journal ‘Lancet’, and John Hopkins School of Public Health, after they conducted similar surveys. I’m willing to bet this is a modest number in all truth.

It’s no doubt they’ve always targeted children of the enemy, this is of no surprise to most Americans. The surprise to me is the massive mind control the media swiftly exports to convince the average person. How much more so does it manipulate our children, who are subjected to slick slogans and adventure ads while watching cartoons? What is even more disappointing in all of this, a close examination of these ads and slogans will expose the ‘profile type’ the Armed Forces aims to recruit.

The Pentagon and Defense Department has paid elite marketing firms to sell attractive ads towards specific target groups. Fostering an array of symbols and slogans to the criminal minded, the poor class, and ‘profile types’ of people who feel insignificant in their lives. This becomes the outlet for recruiting minority groups to become the majority within its military. They refer to these groups as the ‘Adventure Audience’.

Have you noticed the U.S. Military selling our schoolchildren Murder? The Military has funneled staggering amounts of tax payer money to recruit specific groups amongst our youth. From ROTC depts. in high schools, to military sales booths planted along the various colleges and universities on Career Day, the military circus has been successfully able to sell themselves  to underage minors. Since when do concerned parents allow banks  to proposition our 14 year old freshmen in high school? The recruiter functions as a loan Representative, with the objective of convincing students they will finance college education after military servitude. In my town we call this a bank! The sole objective of the recruiter is to glorify the killing machine called the Armed Forces. From this false impression, the recruiter will now convince the career minded youth to postpone his education by joining their violent service, and upon completion possibly get a state education in some Community College paid for by Uncle Sam. Again…in my town we call this a bank!

Have you noticed the U.S. Military selling our schoolchildren Murder yet? Through the vehicle of psychological  manipulation, the military ads have been successful to freely propagate lies to the Youth, the Underclass (minorities/poor), and the Criminal Minded. These groups are bombarded with a barrage of signs, symbols and images of false impressions to attract new recruits looking to purchase ‘mastery and control’. Another tactic is to export dreams of financial success to the poor and underprivileged. Army billboards are strategically planted in towns with low employment and scarce college options.

Under the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’, schools are required to provide the Military with every students personal information. Military recruiters now have unprecedented access to every school’s database to contact children directly. Historically, the U.S. was unconcerned with such tactics because access to a core unit through military draft was mandatory. Today however, the mandatory draft has been abandoned and the Armed Forces have upgraded their scheme to exploitation methods. In addition to coercing cash stripped individuals to enlist, the Military had bolstered the method of attracting teens. Teen Research Unlimited (TRU) is one of the many clients the Pentagon sponsors to research children and how they think. The Department of Defense has paid scores of marketing firms such as BeNow to create a database of over 12 million youngsters for their intent of potential recruits. The JAMRS operation is the program for Joint Marketing Communications and Market Research and Studies brought to you by yours truly…the Pentagon.

Have you noticed the U.S. Military selling our schoolchildren Murder yet? Mullen advertising has presented an array of marketing planning and strategic initiatives to specifically brainwash youngsters. Major General Michael Rochelle, head of Army recruiting Command said: “Having access to 17 to 24 years olds is very key to us.” Do these words strike anybody as malicious intent on behalf of the Military murderers? Well it does to ‘We the people of the United States!’ Another fish market for the Army are high school dropouts. The Army has turned their efforts to high school dropouts and the number has doubled since last years enrollment scoring in the lowest level on the ASVAB. They are welcoming hundreds of recruits today who normally would have been rejected.

In their quest for youngsters with criminal temperament, the Pentagon package now includes tempting sign on bonuses, low acceptance standards, NASCAR and sports, Bull riding and Football endorsements alongside repeated commercials targeting their ’adventure audience’. One-liners such as ‘are you looking for fun?’ and ‘accelerate your life’ has been the typical cliché’s repeated during sports programs. The military advertisers are well aware that youngsters are the common television viewers in the world of sports. Slogans such as these intrigue the stagnated individual looking for an escape from immediate reality. Other common slogans such as ‘you can!’ and ‘be all that you can be’ simmer in the hearts and minds of individuals effected by deep feelings of insignificance. Sell them the right motivation and they can achieve something valuable, otherwise falter away in the waste side. In other words, join us and Be all your ever going to be in your life. These sly mind manipulators have even found video games as a successful recruiting tool. $16,000 on promotional costs alone for each single individual soldier who signed up.

Dear Readers, Please level with me. You must have certainly noticed now the U.S. Military sells our schoolchildren murder! Intricate planning and major thought has been put into this effort by the Military murderers. Recruiting locations are specifically planted near school institutions and areas heavily populated with trafficking schoolchildren. It’s amazing how passive we have become in America with the influx of a hodgepodge of opinions and expression. The military has covertly planted their subliminal messages in the melting pot of ideas and pictures subtly directing them at our children. Let’s wake up as Americans and concerned parents to stop this madness and the danger of the murdering regime called the U.S. Armed Forces. Adult content should be propagated to an adult audience and let the children develop their natural character without these tactics of manipulation and allurement by Advertisers.

Note : Islam includes Politics

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  1. Godefroi says:

    This is just one of the myriad reasons we chose to teach our children at home. The public educational “system” in the U.S. is as corrupt as anything can get.

  2. Roy Wahab says:

    I agree man! It bugs me to no end! There has got to be a balance between the strict Islamic way and the liberal Western mentality! It just eats me up to see the tabloids Walmart permits, the disgraceful billboard signs that show no shame… I have submitted complaints about these. I would encourage any reader to do the same!

    Roy Wahab

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