Israel Hoodwinks the World

Israel Hoodwinks the World


It would be of no surprise to tell you of the harsh conditions imposed on the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation. With the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians since the illegal occupation of Palestine in 1948, the Israeli regime has now adopted a non-discriminatory brutality against anyone in support of Palestinian rights. Whether gunning down rock throwing children, or bulldozing Palestinian homes, Sharon’s military will not discriminate anyone opposing his objective. This is the story of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist murdered when she was bulldozed to death by an Israeli tank in the Gaza strip last month. This and thousands of stories like this simmer in the hearts of Palestinians, while the U.S. quietly sits by shuffling our tax dollars to support this aggression. Do diplomatic ties supersede the rights of American citizens?

Rachel Corrie was a 23 year old peace activist from Olympia, Wash, and a student at the Evergreen State College. She arranged for schoolchildren from Olympia to send e-mail to their counterparts in Rafah in the Gaza strip, and was working with a storekeeper to sell crafts made by women in Gaza. She was a member of the International Solidarity Movement. Rachel had many goals until she was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah trying to protect the home of a Palestinian doctor from being demolished, but she couldn’t stop them. Her parents are now pushing for a U.S. investigation.

Tom Hurndall, a 21 year old photography student at Manchester Metropolitan University, a member of The International Solidarity Movement, and a British Peace activist in Palestine was critically wounded in the head by an Israeli sniper in Gaza. He is now on a life support machine and chances of recovery are slim. Anthony Hurndall, a London property lawyer, and the father of Tom said “Tom was clearly wearing an orange jacket which identified him as a peace activist, and he was nevertheless shot while helping three Palestinian children, who’d been fired on, to safety. I would like to know how it came about.” The British government is pressing for an investigation, which is a step up from U.S. intentions, but believe the Israeli military will block it (with force if necessary), which is a routine tactic for them as was the case of Ian Hook, a British United Nations official killed by an Israeli sniper in Jenin.

How far will the United States government go to fund this aggression? We as Americans should concern ourselves with the weapons of mass destruction (nuclear capabilities) possessed by Israel. They are more of a threat than N.Korea to International citizens for they have already threatened our interests and killed many people. The question must be asked to government officials. Do diplomatic ties supersede the rights of our own people?

 Note: Though the article appears not to be directly related with Christianity ( as is the purpose of the blog) it is relevant since it involves Muslims who are caught in the conflict and Christians who support Israel.

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