Bart Ehrman “Misquoting Jesus” (Interview)

Posted By Ibn Saad

Bart D. Ehrman is a New Testament scholar, textual critic, and an expert on early Christianity. He attempts to discern, as nearly as possible, the original wording of the gospels, epistles, and other ancient texts. He champions the thesis that early Christians, as they developed a single, orthodox doctrine, altered the Biblical texts in order to make them more uniform and bring them into line with changing beliefs.

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3 Responses to “Bart Ehrman “Misquoting Jesus” (Interview)”

  1. Ibn Anwar says:

    Bart D. Ehram: We have these thousands of manuscripts of the New Testament. We have over 5000 of these manuscripts, but, no two of them are exactly alike. There are hundreds and thousands of differences in these manuscripts.

  2. alvaro hernandez says:

    I have read other books by Dr. Ehrman and he eloquently describes in them how the othodox beliefs that became the mainstream of Christianity were reached; also, he provides evidence on how apparently the New Testament supports these orthodox beliefs. I used to be a born again Christian and even attended a Theological Semainary in order to become a church pastor, but the more I learned about the Bible, the more questions I had, questions that were never answered to my satisfaction.

    • Aibindiye Abdul Razak says:

      B. Erhman is exptional in knowledge of the NT. Brother Ibn Anwar, some article about Dhul Qanain, need more light about this historical figure Insha Allah. May Allah be pleased with you.

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