Sites inspired by Satan

 Ranking of some of the most ruthless websites against Islam on the net

Number one on my list would be  with Sam Shamoun as its ring-leader and by Craig Winn. They are co-conspirators in their quest or devilish struggle(syaitaniyyah jihad) against Islam. These two are perhaps the biggest, most influential online Christian evangelists around. Their websites are flooded with misinformation and misrepresentations of Islam and Muslims. They contain gross errors and fantastic absurdities that fortunately have been scrutinised and analysed by many scholarly Muslims and Islamic websites.

For further clarification on the matter, please refer to the following websites:
Craig Winn has written a most controversial book entitled “Prophet of Doom” which contains purported references from al-Qur’an and the Sunnah and expositions on them allegedly advocating unnecessary violence and oppression. Alhamdulillah Sheikh Jalal Abualarub is writing a book in response to Craig Winn’s Prophet of Doom entitled Prophet of Mercy. It is noteworthy that Dr. Craig Deceiver has been repeatedly proven to be nothing more than a deranged Christian missionary equipped with faulty knowledge on a devil given quest to fight Islam and its adherents. He’s the new Jimmy Swaggart, a worse version in fact. Dr. Craig Winn doesn’t even know Arabic which is a prerequisite to expound and interpret the Qur’an. Yet he acts as if he’s some scholarly non-Muslim scholar of Islam.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in studying interpretations and translations and maybe relying on them to a certain extent as I do so myself with the Bible, but when you twist and turn them to suit your dastardly needs, then it becomes devilish.

Number two on my list is
The author and owner of the site goes by the name Dr. Ali Sina. He is an ardent supporter of Bush , indeed Mr. Bush has actually met him personally. The author claims to have apostasised and left Islam. These are his reasons:
“I saw many lives shattered by Islam. I witnessed the Islamic Revolution in Iran and saw how in the name of God the most heinous barbarities were committed. Young girls were raped before execution, dissidents were tortured, thousands and thousands of innocent people were just killed with no compunction accused of defying Allah and his representatives on Earth. At the time I dismissed all those savageries as “un-Islamic”. Later, when my knowledge of Islam increased, I realized what the Mullas in Iran did was very Islamic. These thugs were following the examples of their prophet and doing his biddings.
Why I have dedicated my life to disprove Islam and eradicate it? It is because now I know Muslims are victims of a huge lie. This lie is the cause of terrorism, upheavals, barbarity, much bloodshed, dictatorship, misogyny, discrimination, human rights violations, poverty, backwardness and misery of a billion people and fear and terror for the rest. How many more reasons you need? Once you come to this realization, it is impossible for you to sit quiet. You want to shout to the world and let everyone see the truth.”
Good news for Muslims, the website’s popularity has fluctuated since its inception in June 2001 according to the online source Alexa. His insidious insinuations for the reasons of which ‘brought him out of’ Islam is reminiscent to most of the others who have claimed to have been Muslims and have apostasised due to the so-called “rampant violence” they witnessed committed by “Muslims” in their society e.g. the recent psychologist Dr. Wafa Sultan who made headlines when she appeared on Al-Jazeera recently. She recalls a story of a gunman barging into her class and shooting “hundreds” of bullets into her professor’s body while shouting Allahu’akbar. Now what comes to my mind is who was her professor? Surely a PROFESSOR who were teaching students in a class, then getting shot with hundreds of bullets by some supposed Muslim madcap would have made the morning dailies??? Just like Dr. Wafa Sultan, Dr. Ali Sina is also on an Islam bashing rampage fueled by Islamaphobia and ignorance “Why I have dedicated my life to disprove Islam and eradicate it? It is because now I know Muslims are victims of a huge lie.”
No sane and educated Muslim would ever call for the eradication of another religion. These people are on some kind of demonically inspired quest in promoting hatred, disunity and misinformation. Most of these people are somehow connected to one another intimately; they will quote and reference one another time after time.  Dr. Sina’s articles are filled with ridiculously outrageous lies against Islam. One wonders how a so-called EX-MUSLIM and a doctor at that could not even grasp the basics of Islam. Fortunately, just like Sam Shamoun and Craig Winn’s writings, his too are rebutted extensively by many Islamic websites. Please refer to the websites below for further clarification:

*I know that Nadir Ahmed the author of can be outspoken at times, using hard language in describing certain individuals. I do not condone his acts in this, though I can understand his state of mind. No doubt I may use that kind of language myself being a human being if I was in his shoes. Any Muslim, who’s serious about his religion would be upset at the sheer audacity of people like Sam Shamoun, Craig Winn and Ali Sina. Their blatant misrepresentations, lies and deceit propagated against Islam are just shocking. Nadir at least has the guts to stand up to these people and meet them head on when others do not.

Best Regards,

Ibn Anwar

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  1. islam says:

    all these sites suck…no use of them ..they cant even answer properly

  2. Zayed ahmed says:

    i bet they are either related with cia or musad….i think they had taken money to do this

  3. Zayed Ahmed says:

    Hey dear muslim brothers and sisters including dear brther ibn anwar asalam walaikum

    i read one article in one of the islamic websites which i would like to share…i think it can be useful…

  4. amreen says:

    I would request every person not to click on these sites as it just helps to increase their popularity. Instead spend more time on Islamic websites and learn something useful instead of these hate filled sites.

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