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~Owner, author and administrator of Unveiling Christianity~


Name : Ibn Anwar,  BHsc (Hons), MCoLLT

Education: Bachelor of Human Sciences in Language and Literature (with specialisation in Linguistics and Literature) and a minor in Islamic Heritage and Revealed Knowledge(honours) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia; As the university’s pedagogical  approach to tertiary education is very holistic, the degree programme that he was lucky enough to take gave him the opportunity to sit at the feet of traditional and modernist scholars. It also gave him the opportunity to study various disciplines of knowledge in the Humanities (besides Linguistics and Western and World Literature) and religion such as Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, History and most of the major branches of the Islamic Sciences. As part of his school curriculum, he had to undergo intensive Arabic language learning. He was also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to study some French at an intermediate level. Motivated to share what little he gained from his years of education and experience he chose to join an Islamic Da’wah Organisation (Islamic Information Services Foundation) that certified him in Da’wah through Comparative Religion. As his interest in learning more about Christianity began to grow, he completed the Catholic Catechism and A Catholic Guide to the Bible courses via correspondence from the Catholic Home School based in Missouri. He also took a course with the evangelical Truth of the World Bible programme.

He has taught English at four international schools in Malaysia and Indonesia and was the head of English at three of those schools. He is now on sabbatical and will perhaps return to teaching sometime in the future.

Being an honorary formal member of the College of Teachers London, which carries the title MCollT, as recognition for services rendered to the field of education, he strives to uphold the precepts and the code of professional practice of the institution to the best of his ability. He is currently completing his diploma in Bible Studies with a conservative Christian school, focusing on exegesis, hermeneutics and  Greek. He is also currently doing his master’s degree at his alma mater the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Interests : Reading, chatting, debating, surfing the net and scuba diving.

Experience: Invited as a guest speaker at an interfaith forum in one of Malaysia’s universities in 2010; Debated with numerous Christians on paltalk(e.g. Sam Shamoun, VenomFangX, HopeinChrist, majii44 etc.) and on the www some of which are documented on this site including ones with John Fraiser M.Div., Pastor Carrey etc.; Debated several pastors and reverends from England, the U.S., Australia etc. at the Islamic Information Services Foundation in a closed door session.


Co-Admin, Editor, Typist and Contributor

Name: Al-Jamalullayl

Education: Bachelor of Information Technology from the International Islamic University; Certified by Islamic Information Services Foundation in Da’wah in Comparative Religion


*Resident Scholar of Unveiling Christianity

 Shiekh Ahmed Pandor is a qualified Muslim scholar who memorised the holy quraan at the age of 16. He completed an Islamic theological degree at the age of 24 at the Islamic University, Madressa Arabia Islamia in South Africa. Since then his focus has been on Biblical scholarship and interfaith issues. Over a period of ten year, Sheikh Ahmed has engaged with theologians of various faiths and debated a few christian apologists. To date he has authored a few books, namely; The concept of God’s mercy in Islam and Christianity, Mecca in the Bible and Muhamed in the Song of Songs. A recent debate on sin and salvation and his interaction with Dr james white and pastor Merenge are on Youtube. As a Muslim scholar and apologist he endorses peaceful relations with people of various faiths and academic discussions on theological matters.