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Bart Ehrman’s Mainstream Scholarship in Textual Criticism

Do We Have the Original Words of the New Testament Writers?

by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT


Many conservative Christians today would unceremoniously dismiss scholars who question the veracity of biblical texts and would expel and ostracise the voice … Read the rest

Jesus was hungry

Was Jesus really hungry? Was it just a parable? What was it?

by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons)

Before we delve into the topic proper we should briefly establish the relevant framework upon which the whole discussion will be built so … Read the rest

Mark 1:2 is still an error

Response to Sam Shamoun on Mark 1:2

by Ibn Anwar

I have been away from Unveiling Christianity for a good long while due to engagements elsewhere. However, a couple of days ago a friend of mine brought my attention to … Read the rest

The New Testament Greek manuscripts

Greek New Testament manuscripts vs. Arabic Qur’an and hadith manuscripts

by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons)

Many Christian apologists argue that the Qur’an and hadith are historically unreliable. It is claimed that this is due to the scarcity of early manuscript … Read the rest

Whose canon is divinely inspired?

  Multitude of Christian canons

by Ibn Anwar

    The word canon comes from the Greek kanna which accoding to Prof. Bleddyn J. Roberts means ” ‘reed’ or ‘cane’; which gives the idea of a measuring-rod, and it was first used in … Read the rest

Son of God

 What does it mean to say that Jesus is the “Son of God”?

by Ibn Anwar

  As John F. O’Grady in The Four Gospels and the Jesus Tradition observes Christians would think that when the title Son of God is … Read the rest

The Oldest Text of the New Testament?

 What’s the Oldest Surviving Text of the New Testament?

by Ibn Anwar

   I recall numerous instances of facing Christian detractors who would attempt to undermine Islam by questioning the validity of the primary sources that support it. Specifically, they would … Read the rest