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Godferoi Unveiled

Zionist Christian Godferoi’s Bias Exposed 

by Ibn Anwar

This brief article is neither meant to bash nor ridicule Godferoi who has frequented this blog since its inception last week. It is simply an honest and sincere attempt to open his … Read the rest

The Bible is a book of Love

 Is the Bible truly a book of Absolute Love and Life(free of putrid things)?

by ibn Anwar

How many times have you heard Zionist Christians or Evangelical Zealots calling the Qur’an “the Book of Death and destruction” ? If I … Read the rest

Response to Godferoi

This is a response to comments made by Godferoi to my article the rest

Apostasy and Killing in Christianity

Apostasy and Killing in Christianity 

by Ibn Anwar

“Islam is evil and oppressive! It commands its followers to execute those who abandon the religion and reject it! The God of Islam must be Satan!” This kind of rhetorics are commonly … Read the rest