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An aspiring theologian takes on Ibn Anwar

A Dialogue between John Fraiser and Ibn Anwar

The following is a follow up to the comments made by John Fraiser to this video which he commented(on the wrong post) here . Unfortunately, the Master in Divinity has abandoned ship!… Read the rest

Catholic Priest Slaps and Batters a helpless black woman in Church!!!

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Popes are dishonourable according to the Bible

 Hats off!

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Dr. Anis Shorrosh, Christian Evangelist PUT TO SHAME!

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Unveiling Pastor Carey

The Deleting Pastor. What’s up with that?

by Ibn Anwar

Pastor Carey was virtually UNKNOWN to me before 8 days ago, which was December the 20th. He responded to my article Is God All Knowing? which I have replied to. … Read the rest

Arab Christians caught lying red handed

Arab Christian Evangelists Caught Red Handed Lying and Lying again!

by Ibn Anwar

The following is a news report and video I came across whilst browsing through, Nadir ahmed’s site. The news report and video was covered by, … Read the rest

VenomFangX Unveiled

VenomFangX is perhaps one of the youngest and most vile Christian missionaries on youtube. Even his name tell volumes….the following are some clips of VenomFangX from youtube. Enjoy…

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