“It is to be believed because it is absurd”- Tertullian

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The following quote comes from an early church leader in his work, De Carne Christi. I was reminded of this saying,when I came across a video on the trinity on youtube. The video is below:

Now let us compare this ‘mess’ with the concept of God in Islam:

Surah Ikhlas(112)
112.001 Say: He is Allah (SWT), the One and Only;
112.002 Allah (SWT), the Eternal, Absolute;
112.003 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
112.004 And there is none like unto Him.

For those who still adhere to the Trinitarian doctrine, I remind you that:

God is not the author of confusion( 1 Corinthians 14:33)

Who Wrote the Bible?

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Who Wrote the Bible? Is the Bible the Word of God? Why is the Bible full of Contradictions?

This documentary by Channel 4, explores questions at the heart of the great Christian faith in a fair open-minded fashion.

Is the Bible Historically sound?

Historical Inaccuracy of the Bible 

by Ibn Anwar

Christian missionaries tend to make headlines and a big fuss whenever archeoligical finds appear to correspond with the Bible. They will say,”This is proof our Bible is authentic!”. Christian author Patrick Zukeran in his article “Archeology and the Old Testament” on Probe Ministries states,”Christianity is a historical faith based on actual events recorded in the Bible. Archaeology has therefore played a key role in biblical studies and Christian apologetics in several ways.” Archeology and historicity apparently is a huge thing in Christian thought. Let’s have a brief glance at the historical certainty and accuracy of the Bible shall we?

The US Military Targets Children

 U.S. Military Targets Children


Have you noticed the U.s. Military selling our schoolchildren Murder? It’s one thing for adults to be exposed to adult content, but when they openly sell their lies to school kids and run repeated ads on cartoon channels, I’ve come to realize how manipulated the masses can truly be. This should never have been allowed and it’s time to stop this threat to those who still posses some degree of morality.

Response to Godferoi

This is a response to comments made by Godferoi to my article http://unveilingchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/11/17/apostasy-and-killing-in-christianity/#comment-19

Israel Hoodwinks the World

Israel Hoodwinks the World


It would be of no surprise to tell you of the harsh conditions imposed on the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation. With the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians since the illegal occupation of Palestine in 1948, the Israeli regime has now adopted a non-discriminatory brutality against anyone in support of Palestinian rights. Whether gunning down rock throwing children, or bulldozing Palestinian homes, Sharon’s military will not discriminate anyone opposing his objective. This is the story of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist murdered when she was bulldozed to death by an Israeli tank in the Gaza strip last month. This and thousands of stories like this simmer in the hearts of Palestinians, while the U.S. quietly sits by shuffling our tax dollars to support this aggression. Do diplomatic ties supersede the rights of American citizens?

Christian Evangelical Mission in Iraq

by Ibn Anwar

The following is a report on the Evangelical mission of Christians in Iraq – indeed a true reflection of what most missionaries are doing all over the world.

These guttersnipes try to lure and deceive Muslims by pretending to be Muslims themselves. Of course, they are merely projecting the teachings of their supreme master Paul of Tarsus :