Is God All Knowing?

The Bible says God is not All Knowing

by Ibn Anwar

Believe it or not the Bible actually says God is NOT All Knowing. Christian readers, please remain calm in your seats. I am sure you are either bewildered or angered(perhaps both) by my insinuation. Fear not, I am not without proof. However, let me briefly explain what the Bible is for the benefit of those who are not familiar with it. In brief, the Bible comes from Biblos which is Greek for a collection on books. Hence, the Bible is a compilation of many books in one volume. The Bible is partitioned into two main parts, namely; The Old Testament and the New Testament. There are canonical differences amongst the major Churches of Christianity in regards to the Bible e.g. The Catholic Bible contains 73 books and the Protestant Church contains 66.

Camel Urine?

Is Camel Urine all that bad?

by Ibn Anwar

  Like many shameless Christians, Silas(a prominent author on answering islam) wrote an article to defame Muhammad s.a.w. on the issue of camel urine i.e.  the Prophet s.a.w. prescribed it as medicine. To the untrained, uninformed individual, such a medical prescription may sound daft and totally vile. But is it really? Let us briefly analysed the article written by Silas on the issue. As proof he has provided exactly four narrations(ahadith) pertaining to the incident. However, for the purpose of discussion it is sufficient to quote only the first and fourth hadiths here.

Arab Christians caught lying red handed

Arab Christian Evangelists Caught Red Handed Lying and Lying again!

by Ibn Anwar

The following is a news report and video I came across whilst browsing through, Nadir ahmed’s site. The news report and video was covered by, a Christian based news broadcast. The coverage was on allegedformer Muslims” and “ex-terrorists” who converted to Christianity. How many times have you heard this same old tripe ? One too many I expect…

VenomFangX Unveiled

VenomFangX is perhaps one of the youngest and most vile Christian missionaries on youtube. Even his name tell volumes….the following are some clips of VenomFangX from youtube. Enjoy…

Salvation ONLY comes through sacrifice!

There is No Salvation Without Sacrifice

by Ibn Anwar

Christians declare that there is no forgiveness or salvation except through the shedding of blood i.e. sacrifice. They will go on to say that the Islamic idea of God just forgiving a sinner’s sin is unjust and they will then give their rationalisations for saying this. If asked,”Where does it say that God cannot forgive except through some sort of sacrifice?” the Christians will quote,”…Without shedding of blood there is no atonement” (Hebrews 9:22)

Is this an examplary Christian?

Sam Shamoun, the Born Again Trinitarian Heavyweight Champion

by Ibn Anwar

CAUTION!!! For 18 and Above eyes ONLY!


Sam Shamoun, the great Christian champion of answering-islam, revered and adored by Zionist Christians shows much character indeed:

William Wagner Unveiled

William Wagner  exposed & put to shame with 1 Bible verse

by Ibn Anwar

William Wagner is a Christian missionary and an author on a popular Christian apologetics “4truth”. He has written an article on “Fear in Islam” which is featured on the site. You may read the article here.

In the article he wrote under “The Fear of Allah” :

“He is not the loving God that we find in Christianity but one who rules with an iron fist. The Koran tells the readers that they should fear Allah. Not only do they fear their God but they are deathly afraid of being eternally damned by an angry Allah. ”