Is the Bible God All Powerful?

The Bible portrays God as weak

by Ibn Anwar

Garry Miller on Islam and Christianity

Posted by Ibn Saad

One of the best daaes in my opinion:

Did Jesus die according to Islam?

A “Qadiyani” Pastor

by Ibn Anwar

   On Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008 10:32:41 -0800 (PST) I received an e-mail from someone by the name “Israeli Christian Evangelist”. The person asked if I would like to comment on an article he forwarded to me. The following is the e-mail I received :

Dr. Anis Shorrosh, Christian Evangelist PUT TO SHAME!

Christian woman convert to Islam on the spot!

Watch how a charismatic Muslim preacher convinces a Christian woman of Islam!

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Unveiling Pastor Carey

The Deleting Pastor. What’s up with that?

by Ibn Anwar

Pastor Carey was virtually UNKNOWN to me before 8 days ago, which was December the 20th. He responded to my article Is God All Knowing? which I have replied to. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive any feedback from him to my reply. So I thought I’d check him out by going to his blog. Whilst browsing through the contents an article with a catchy title, “Do you have a ticket to heaven?” caught my eye. The article was rather brief and I thought I’d share my two cents with the good pastor. Before that let me introduce the pastor in his own words,” I’m an everyday guy who is continually amazed that I’ve been given the honor of being a husband (18 years), father (of 5!), and pastor. Currently I serve at Community Church in Leadville, Colorado. ” The following are several exchanges I had with Pastor Carey :

Scholars’ silence on terrorism?

One of the many accusations thrown at Muslims by Christian missionaires is that the scholars of Islam are virtually silent on the issue of terrorism. Is it true?