Corruption of the Bible, the final judgment!

Are Muslims wrong and Christians right?

by Ibn Anwar


I’m sure you’ve heard many a time Muslims claiming and declaring that the Bible is corrupted. Christian Bible-thumpers on the other hand will counter by arguing that the Bible has been thoroughly preserved in its pristine purity. Who is right and who is wrong in this matter? This is a question which raises much heated debate from both camps. It is a question that must be answered nevertheless. I ask the readers to put aside unnecessary subjective emotions(that may cloud your judgment) aside and please read the following material with the utmost sincerity and above all else with your brains put on gear.

“The Bible has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.”  – Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth

Dr. Anis Shorrosh ARRESTED for arson

 The Proud Arab Evangelit who took on Sheikh Ahmed Deedat r.a. is in jail

A Dialogue between John Fraiser and Ibn Anwar Part 2

The following is my response to John Fraiser’s latest comment

by Ibn Anwar

John Fraiser:

• Ibn,
You wrote:
“I believe calling you stupid was about the only instance I ‘insulted’ you. To say that you have on your hands a Muslim with ‘lots’ of insults is a wee bit of an exaggeration don’t you think?”
Incorrect. You insulted me more than once. Here are the places you insulted me: “have you just come out of the jungle?” “Are you seriously that stupid?” “So really Fraiser…go learn some more.”


My Response:
Yes, well the jungle thing is connected to the sentence which followed it wherein I called you stupid. I stand by the fact that you saying that I have “lots” of insults for you is quite an exaggeration.

is the Biblical Jesus Lucifer?


by Ibn Anwar

I hope the title is not too offensive to my Christian readers. It is merely a reflection of the understanding that I have gathered from the verses which I shall present in this brief article. I wish the readers a pleasant journey ;).

I’m sure you have heard Christians argue for Jesus’ divinity in light of “Before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58). What they do is that they try to link this statement purportedly uttered by Jesus to that uttered by God in Exodus 3:14, “God said to Moses,”I am who I am”. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am’ has sent me to you.'” I do not wish to get into a discussion and exegesis of these two verses. That is not the purpose of this article. What I will do in this case is apply “I agree with you for the sake of argument”. So let’s agree for a moment(for the sake of argument) that Jesus is God because he used the words “I am” which God used, that is, he equated himself with God. That is the logic which the Trinitarians use. Let us now apply the same logic with the following:

John Fraiser M.Div Abandons Ship!!! Yet another Deleting Christian blogger!

Unveiling Blogger John Fraiser M.Div

  About 10 days ago a certain John Fraiser dropped by the blog and commented on three posts on Unveiling Christianity. I responded to all three to which he replied to only one. You may follow the discussion between John and me here. His comment was actually on this video but he posted it on the wrong post. I responded to that comment of his and he in turn replied with a rather lengthy reply which forced me to open a new post just for that. So on that new post I responded to each of the points he brought up. You may check out the discussion here. That response of mine was posted on the 29th of April, 2008. I waited for about 5 days from the said date with much anticipation for some feedback from Mr. John Fraiser, but to no avail. Finally, I decided to invite him to come back to Unveiling Christianity by commenting on his blog and inviting him back here to continue the discussion. You know what happened to my invitation? It was deleted! I said to myself, ” it’s okay, let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there’s been some technical hiccup”. So, in good will I posted yet another invitation today:

An aspiring theologian takes on Ibn Anwar

A Dialogue between John Fraiser and Ibn Anwar

The following is a follow up to the comments made by John Fraiser to this video which he commented(on the wrong post) here . Unfortunately, the Master in Divinity has abandoned ship!

Aspiring Theologian said

Well, it looks like I’ve got an angry Muslim on my hands with lots of insults to go along. I don’t mind disagreement, but insults are just rhetoric and do not an argument make. If you consider yourself so intelligent and consider yourself to be my instructor then you should know better than to use ad hominems such as implying that I’ve just come out of the jungle and asking me to answer whether I am stupid (this is a foolish question in its own right since a stupid person would be too stupid to know that they are stupid). Of course, the Qur’an says the much worse about me (98:6; 8:55; 7:176). It’s unfortunate that I have to waist this much in conversation to point out that you need to show respect to people who are taking your comments seriously and seeking to engage you.

A serious Biblical difficulty

A Biblical Problem in the First Instance!

by Ibn Anwar

Muslim apologetics enjoy a good round with Christians on disproving the Bible’s authenticity as God’s word by pointing out the many different discrepancies the books of the Bible have. Little do they know that they’re going about it the wrong way. Little do they know that the Bible itself actually admits to its corruption. WHAT!?…I’m sure that’s how you Christians are reacting in your chairs right now. I wouldn’t blame you. Not many Christians are aware of this. I don’t wish to waste your time and beat around the bush. So here’s the admission :