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James White laughs at Dr. William Lane Craig

Dr. William Lane Craig’s analogy of the Trinity gets laughed at by James White

I almost never post youtube or any other videos, but I think this one is worth a place on Unveiling Christianity. Enjoy.

In summary:

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Debate: Monotheism vs Trinitarianism. What Did Jesus teach?

Ibn Anwar vs John_14_1 

The recording is of the most recent formal debate I had on Paltalk with a Christian. The topic was on the Trinity, did Jesus teach it? Insha’Allah, I will add a commentary on the debate when … Read the rest

Ibn Anwar VS Heliopolis/Fares(Arab Chrisian Evangelist)

 Debate between Ibn Anwar and Heliopolis

by Ibn Anwar

Summary of the debate

  A couple of days ago a debate between the Arab Christian Evangelist Heliopois and me took place on Paltalk in oJJI Christian Muslim Dialogue oJJI under Social … Read the rest

Heyns Lecture Series: Misquoting Jesus

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Catholic Priest Slaps and Batters a helpless black woman in Church!!!

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Mormons are Whack!!

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Garry Miller on Islam and Christianity

Posted by Ibn Saad

One of the best daaes in my opinion:… Read the rest