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Is the Bible God All Powerful?

The Bible portrays God as weak

by Ibn Anwar

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Is God All Knowing?

The Bible says God is not All Knowing

by Ibn Anwar

Believe it or not the Bible actually says God is NOT All Knowing. Christian readers, please remain calm in your seats. I am sure you are either bewildered or … Read the rest

God loves everyone!!!

Does God in the Bible really LOVE everyone as evangelical missionaries claim?

By Ibn Anwar

David J. Stewart of writes:

There is no greater truth in all the world – God Loves People! We read from the Word of … Read the rest

“It is to be believed because it is absurd”- Tertullian

Posted by Ibn Saad

The following quote comes from an early church leader in his work, De Carne Christi. I was reminded of this saying,when I came across a video on the trinity on youtube. The video is below:

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The Trinity Challenge

By Ibn Saad

This is an open Challenge to those who accept the Trinity and believe that the Bible confirms this doctrine. I challenge you to bring at least one explicit biblical verse which clearly states something similar to the … Read the rest