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Blood or no blood?

Forgiveness comes without blood

by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons)

What exactly is the  cause behind the fascination with blood sucking vampires in the western culture that has given rise to a plethora of vampire themed movies like Twilight and the … Read the rest

The sin that defeats Jesus

The ‘ultimate’ sacrifice?

by Ibn Anwar

According to Christians the sacrifice that Jesus allegedly made on the cross at calvary is the ultimate sacrifice that absolves all sins. So for example we read the following declaration from a Christian based … Read the rest

Jesus is no saviour

 According to the Old Testament Jesus cannot be a saviour

by Ibn Anwar

   According to Christians Jesus is a prince. He is the prince of peace. In the New Testament we read again and again that Jesus is called ‘the … Read the rest

Jesus denies the crucifixion!

Jesus himself explicitly denies the crucifixion

Crucifixion Series(Part 2)

by Ibn Anwar

In this exposition we shall witness an account from the lips of Jesus himself that clearly discards his alleged crucifixion. We will prove from Jesus’ own words that … Read the rest

Salvation ONLY comes through sacrifice!

There is No Salvation Without Sacrifice

by Ibn Anwar

Christians declare that there is no forgiveness or salvation except through the shedding of blood i.e. sacrifice. They will go on to say that the Islamic idea of God just forgiving … Read the rest