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Is the Bible(s) uncorrupted?

Is the Bible(s) truly uncorrupted?

by Ibn Anwar

If I had a book and in that book there are no less than 1000 truths, but, among those truths there are certain undesirable things which may be declared as false. For … Read the rest

The Trinity Challenge

By Ibn Saad

This is an open Challenge to those who accept the Trinity and believe that the Bible confirms this doctrine. I challenge you to bring at least one explicit biblical verse which clearly states something similar to the … Read the rest

Jesus’ return

by Ibn Anwar

“When is Christ coming again? Since the time that Jesus went to Heaven, men have tried to say when He will return. Yet the Bible clearly teaches that no man … Read the rest

Jewish vs. Muslim view on Jesus a.s.

Jewish vs. Muslim view on Jesus a.s.

By Ibn Saad 

Edited by Ibn Anwar

I, Ibn Sa’ad, was on a Mainstream Jewish site, called “Judaism 101 and I was suprised to see what they had under the secion “What does … Read the rest

An Eye-Opening Biblical Narration

An Eye-Opening Biblical Narration 

By Ibn Anwar

The following is one of the most interesting Biblical stories I’ve come across. I thought I’d share it with the readers.

Many Christians like Sam Shamoun, Craig Wynn and others simply love going … Read the rest

Is Jesus Christian?

Is Jesus a Christian?

by Ibn Anwar

Recently , on paltalk a Christian entered my room “The Traditional Order of Islam” and asked the room about Jesus. He enquired, ” Muslims believe Jesus is a Muslim. Is this supported anywhere … Read the rest