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Debate: Monotheism vs Trinitarianism. What Did Jesus teach?

Ibn Anwar vs John_14_1  The recording is of the most recent formal debate I had on Paltalk with a Christian. The topic was on the Trinity, did Jesus teach it? Insha’Allah, I will add a commentary on the debate when I can.  The time allocated was very restricted, thus many of the points raised by […]

Matthew 28:19

 Matthew 28:19 is not original and is an interpolation  according to Biblical scholars by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT   I’m sure many of you have come across avid Trinitarians who use this verse time and again to prove the Trinity. However, even if one were to accept the verse as true and authentic for the […]

Did Paul ever speak and teach on his own?

 Textual evidence for Paul’s non-inspiration by Ibn Anwar  Christians would have it that their liege lord Paul of Tarsus was ever inspired and received direct revelation from Jesus Christ himself. This concept stems from the following verses(and many others): “For I make known to you, brethren, as touching the Gospel which was preached by me, that it […]

Paul of Tarsus(Part 2)

Jesus VS. Paul   by Dr. Roshan Enam Edited by Ibn Anwar for Unveiling Christianity Quotations from the Qur’an and the Bible are colour coded as follows: Colour coding: Translation of the Words of Allah S.W.T from the Qur’an Words of Paul(From the Epistles) Possible words of Jesus from the Gospels and quotations from the Old Testament […]

Paul of Tarsus( Part 1)

St. Paul, the Root of Christian Missionary deception By Malik Ali There was an apostle, who wrote an epistle, strange faith did he jostle, and scriptures entwistle. His doctrines pentacostal, made GOD’s people bristle, and blapshemy collosal, led to his dismissal. Apostle, epistle, collossal, dismissal, His writings bescissel, make faith so afissile. Anonymous GOD created man […]

TurinShroud aka 15toOne Christian Evangelist from England UNVEILED!

Exchanges with TurinShroud/15toOne on paltalk   Throughout the exchanges the readers will be able to notice that the moment this individual who champions Christianity is cornered he will retaliate and lash out with plenty of ad hominem and totally fail to logically and reasonably offer civilised explanations or responses. Readers will also be able to […]

Is John the Baptist the last prophet?

Is there a last prophet in the Bible? by Ibn Anwar I was having a discussion with a Christian on paltalk today by the nick name LoveCryReason about Islam and whether it’s a true religion or not. He questioned the legitimacy of Muhammad’s s.a.w. prophethood based on his understanding of Matthew 11:13 which according to […]